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Sunwing changed our flight

Just noticed that Sunwing changed our flight out of Ottawa to Holguin. Now we are flying later in the day and via Montreal :’(
Hate that when they do that, especially the Montreal part. We are losing a day in the sunhine because of it. !!

how did you find out they changed it ?

Not from them or my TA. I was just browsing see what the prices are now and noticed. Wonder how long it will take anyone to tell us? if they do!

We left from Ottawa for Holguin, as well, and had a quick stop in Montreal. I think it is to ensure they have a full plane rather than sending down two half-full planes or cancelling a flight. I only noticed the change when I printed off a second set of tickets closer to our departure date. My TA sent me an email notice but it wasn’t till I returned home. It wasn’t a big deal and only took a few minutes to load the extra passengers.

I flew sunwing two years ago, and our flight was changed 3 or 4 times before we left. Kuckily they did not add any stops.


My biggest complaint is the fact theat I arrive at 5PM instead of 10AM and Leave at 5 pm instead of 9pm. Less time for us and much more travel time…

The other thing I dont like about a stopover is weather delays…often Montreal gets hit worse than Ottawa, :frowning:

What day are you leaving - originally – What flight are you on? I am supposed to leave from Ottawa on Sunday, Jan 25th. Just called Sunwing and they wouldn’t say that the flight day was changed… now I am worried…

we were supposed to fly out of Ottawa Feb 10 via Skyservice, just last week we found out via e-mail that our date had been changed to Feb 12 as Skyservice was no longer going to Holquin!!, now we are flying with Westjet, thankfully our departure time is the same so far…
luckily our return was changed as well so we are not losing any time, thankfully this was not a problem for us

kdawg3119: we are leaving Feb 8th, I think the flight leaving this Sunday (yours) is the last one that goes direct.

As for Skyservice, we almost booked with them on the 10th as well. I noticed lastnight they arent flying out on Tuesday anymore. Thank goodness we didnt book that one as my hubby has to be backin ottawa for the 18th to work onthe 19th…

Thanks jayneb! Will still check 12 hours prior, but I can relax a bit now.

You are lucky that they only changed your flight.
They cancelled my return flight from Holguin and bussed us to Veradero to get us back

[quote=@daver27]You are lucky that they only changed your flight.
They cancelled my return flight from Holguin and bussed us to Veradero to get us back[/quote]

You went from Holguin to Varadero by bus to catch a flight home?! What a horrible way to end a vacation! I’m guessing that bus ride took several hours?

Was this with Sunwing? Were you given a reason?

Jezz, I sure hope they gave you a nice refund of some sort!

How long of a bus ride would it be ?

Because I have been stuck at an Airport because of delayed fight back (4-5 Hours) by SS and AT and got diddly squat as compensation a few times, 4 times twice each.

Sunwing changed our flight too!

called our TA …not much can be done!

airlines can do that without advising clients as long as it’s not earlier than 4 hours before the flight…
it sure sucks but the fine print protects the airlines and the TAs don’t give a %hit. the sale was done and they are not there to help after the sale is done!

Have flown with Sunwing a number of times with no problem. We get different service when we pay for charter flights instead of scheduled airlines, IMHO.

Can you elaborate about you bus trip and how long please?And where are you from ?

there WAS a vanc-holguin-hamilton-vanc roundtrip every thurs/fri which I was booked on to retrurn jan 22
Sunwing stopped the flight on jan 15 and gave me the choice of cancelling or shrinking it to 1 week so I could come back on jan 15.
After lots of arguing, mostly by others, they agreed to 2 weeks coming back jan 22 from Veradero and a transfer from guardavalca to veradero. During daylight, the transfer was more like a tour but come dark, the novilty wore off as we got to veradero about 23:45
About an 11 hour transfer including a couple stops including one for a non-included supper where we were offered a meal for 10 CUC’s. I went hungry insted of getting robbed.
AC via TO is starting to look better to me.