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Sunwing Elite Plus package

Has anyone purchased the Sunwing elite plus package?

I was told by someone that you can increase your luggage allowance from 20kgs to 30kgs if you purchase the elite plus package.

I checked sunwing’s website, and I see all the perks for the Elie Plus, but don’t see the increase in luggage allowance.

I purchased the Elite Plus package for our trip departing Nov. 28.

When I received my e-ticket, the weight allowance showed as 20 kgs rather than the promised 30 kgs. I checked with my booking agent and she said not to worry about it because my tickets clearly show us being Elite Plus class.

I don’t trust the info 100%, so I went to the Sunwing website and printed off the news release of June 17, 2008 which clearly states the 30 kg allowance. I plan to have this with me at check-in in case they give me any grief, especially at the Varadero end.

YVRck I’d be very interested in hearing how the Elite Plus package works out for you. We have also booked Elite Plus for our trip in February to allow for the 30kg (to accomodate the dive bag). Let us know how you make out. I wish I were going on November 28th! Have a great time.

???I also booked the elite plus seating to get the extra weight allowance which is not mentioned on their website but was told by the operator that I was allowed the extra weight. Thank you for the suggestion to bring a copy of the news release. I will try and find it and bring it also. :wink:

:smiley: Just checked an eticket for my brotherinlaw who is leaving on Dec. 1st on Sunwing and yes it does state 20 kilos for baggage weight but if you look further down on the ticket in small print it states that for those who have pre-booked an Elite Plus seating baggage allowance increases to 30 kilograms. You can print off your ticket 28 days prior to the date you are leaving, just check the ticket and make sure you are booked as Elite Plus in seating. What a relief!! No worries have a great trip. :wink:

I am really glad that I upgraded to Elite as I am at 30kg and maybe a few extra but am travelling with others that said they would put some of it into their’s so I dont have to pay the overage like I had to the last time. Phewww… Can’t wait to get out of this snow and down to the sun and fun.

::slight_smile: Smiles4Cuba I hope you went for the Elite Plus and not just the Elite becoz the Elite does not have the extra 10 kilos. The charge for being over weight is $20 per kilo so be careful. Have a great trip!! 8 -)

;)BacktoCuba wow after seeing your message I had to go and recheck what I booked. Phew I did book the Elite Plus what a scare that was though. Now I am all set and at least I have the 30kg. Thanks for that message cause I would have been really upset if I had got to the airport and had only the Elite and had to pay the overage.

:smiley: Smiles4Cuba; I am glad things worked out. Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. Have a cervasa for me while you are there. :sunglasses:

this is from the Sunwing website under press releases dated Sept.14 08
Sunwing Airlines Canada’s “more frills” carrier, and every passenger enjoys Elite Service which includes a bon voyage glass of champagne, choice of hot meals served with red or white wine, in-flight music and first-run movies with yours-to-keep headsets: all included with every flight. And for $40 more per person per flight, passengers can upgrade to Elite Plus which includes advance seat selection, extra-legroom seating, 30 kg baggage allowance, and priority check-in.

Yup, right you are! Thanks :slight_smile:

Checked my e-ticket again AFTER I cleaned my glasses and sure enough, there it was in the fine print.

Elite Plus class gets 30 kilo luggage allowance as advertised.


We bought the Elite PLus package and were told it did NOT include extra 10kg by the checkin attendant in Holguin. We were 16 kg over (which would NOT have been over with the extra 10kg each) and he decided to “do us a favour”. I thanked him but did not tip him, which I believe what he was getting at.

Maybe I need glasses, but I cannot see that information in the fine print.

What else is near it in the e-ticket?


[quote=@thetraveller]… but I cannot see that information in the fine print.

What else is near it in the e-ticket?


Last sentence in the first fine print paragraph just below the info for your return flight.

It states: " Elite Plus passenger who PREPURCHASE baggage allowance increases to 30 kgs"

I’ll be taking the Sunwing news release anyways, because as Kojak rightly has pointed out, there’s always the possibility of the Cuban check-in clerk looking to “earn” a few bucks over the luggage weight issue. This little “scam” has been alive and well for a few years now!

Are you sure it is 4o. for the elite plus upgrade ?I believe we paid 80. each.

You should have paid $80/person return for the Elite Plus package. If you paid $80/person each way you paid too much. The price is $40/person/flight, which is $80/person return.

Yes you are right. It is both ways. We were able to book good seats I guess. What I wanted was the extra weight. All the other stuff will be nice though. We did have the one elite paid for by our ta. We were getting jerked around by signature in Aug trying to book 3 weeks. Got pricing one day and 2 days later they jumped it 700. Hello . Anyway got a better price with sunwing . But I needed the extra weight. The ta offered to pay 1 elite for us because of our troubles. Was inpressed. Happy with that. It does say on our confirmation sheet about the elite plus with the booked seats. Its all good. Will be checking that its on the actual tickets.Thanks all for your responses Cheers

Can one upgrade to Sunwing Elite Plus after purchasing a package?
If so would I do this through Sunwing or the booking agent Red Tag?

One thing I find very nice about Elite Plus is that it really isn’t that much more per person than if you paid the $15 if you want to choose your seats (I always like to choose my seats beforehand). In essence, with Elite Plus, I am only paying an extra $25 each way for an extra 10 kg of luggage, priority check in and boarding in Canada, and 6 inches more leg room. Sure beats paying $20 extra per kg if you go over your limit if you don’t book the Elite Plus. Heck, the extra 6 inches of leg room is worth the $40 each way.

Hi radar,

You book the Elite Plus by phoning the Sunwing number for seat selection after you’ve purchased the package and have your booking number. I was told that only certain seats are designated for Elite Plus.

We booked in August for our trip in December. 12 more sleeps until Jibacoa!!! :sunglasses: