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Sunwing "Free Seat" Deal!

Just got an email from Sunwing the other day talking about “Free Seats”. I went on and although nothing available from atlantic canada today, the prices out of Ont and Que were prett good.
Go to http://sunwing.ca/
They update it everyday at 10 am.
Ex: TO to La Romana D.R. Feb 6th for 7 nights Hotel Dominican Bay Santo Domingo, and there is many other resorts available, this was just the first on the list.
The regular price is $895 before taxes, click on confirm and it takes you to the end where when you remove the optional insurance charges it comes up at $415 ea + taxes. Not bad. ;D

Sunwing just dropped their fuel surcharge by $100. At least for January in Cayo coco, don’t know what others, as it is not advertised on their website.

Dropped the Fuel Surcharge but increased the price… Well at least from Toronto to Holguin.!

The trip we were looking at for Jan with Sunwing just went up $200 despite the fuel surcharge reduction ::)…


Strange bev, The trip I’m looking at to Cayo coco, went down $30 plus once you go through to the confirmation page, the fuel surcharge comes up $100 less.

They really do what they want with those prices. Hard work to find the deals.

I’ve been watching for CCC for several weeks and Sunwing
went up by $200 on Monday. They have been advertising
the dropped fuel surcharge for a couple of weeks.
Extremely hard work digging out a deal
especially when you go through various sell-off sites
and then get the quotes from the same place

Well Sunwing’s taxes dropped back to $110
for the Tryp Cayo Coco on Friday
(the same plan I have been tracking for weeks)
On the upside, Beat My Quotes gave me
a $100 discount off the total booking price.
I dont know if that means for one or two?
they requested the quote to beat be
per person.

Sunwing’s taxes back up to normal :’( :’( :’(

I was so close to booking yesturday. :frowning:

Now I’ll just have to wait some more for some other ‘deal’ to come along.

But I’ve noticed when I search last minute vacations in November and same trips in January they were very comparable (at least while sunwing had their fuel surcharge promo), so I’m not so sure that prices will be much lower last minute in January.

Also, anyone interested. Today’s free seats on sunwing are for Holguin on February 23.