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Hi All,

Anyone flown with Sunwing before? What was it like? How was the service? If there were any problems, how were they handled?

Marc practically refused to fly Air Transat anymore unless it is an absolute last resort (no pun intended) which leaves us Zoom (Go Travel Direct), Skyservice, or Sunwing. Sunwing is the only one I don’t really know much about.



Rose have a look through the files by searching, they seem to have a reputation for flight changes




Well!!! Thanks for the link.

Let me rephrase :). Who would you pick for a carrier?



I’d go with GO Travel. While I haven’t booked with them, I’ve heard good things about Zoom Airlines.


We flew Sunwing from Toronto for 2 weeks in April - booked in August and they never changed the flight time. We originally booked with them as they advertised 66 lbs. luggage allowance but - that was changed 3 months before. They did allow us the extra luggage for humanitarian reasons so it all worked out fine. We have had delays and times change with AirTransat and Skyservice but, always got to our destination.


Thanks everyone for your input. I guess it is really a case of “ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances” as it is with anything in life.



We’ve flown with Air Transit, Zoom and Westjet. Zoom and Westjet had more legroom and better in flight service but there was nothing wrong with Air Transit. One air transat plane was 3 + 3 accross and the other was 3 + 4 + 3 across. I preferred the larger one. The only delay we had was on our very first flight and it was because they could not get the cargo doors opened. The doors were fixed and we were on our an hour late. No big deal.

Rose, you are right when you say “ya pays your money and ya takes your chances”