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Anyone have a suggestion for the “best” seats on Sunwing. Is there any section that has more leg room.

go to http://www.seatguru.com/
find your flight number and aircraft type, then look at seat layout on seat guru. Not all planes are shown but you’ll get an idea.
We buy the exit seats on the way back so we can sleep with our legs out.

Thank you, but when I tried it does not show Sunwing…unless I am doing something wrong.

Go to the Sunwing “Seat Selection” site and chose your aircraft and other options.


29" pitch is not a great deal of space.

Try to get the Elite Plus Emergency Row seating. They are rows 15 & 16. Try for row 16, it reclines and 15 doesn’t.

We booked the seats at the front of the plane…well worth it if you have a late night flight or want to catch some Zzz’s!

booked elite plus five weeks ago and got regular seats in row 14…rows 2, 3 and 16 have the most legroom…just make sure to double check at your check in that its what you are really getting them…

We did the same thing - so no worries about the guy/gal in front putting his/her seat back, as there is no seat in front of you! :wink:

We had row 16 on the way down, and 29 and the way back. My husband is 5’11" and he found there was enough room in both rows.

Booked elite Plus class early, row 16 both ways… I’m not 5.11 however, the xtra leg room will be greatly appreciated and the row in front does not recline, all the more room, cant wait a little less than 6 wks

fyi…ticket agents in punta cana don’t always reserve your elite club seats for the return…we had to cause a little “scene” because they had put someone else in our seats…they said it was first come first serve…just make sure to insist at check in that you have prebooked the seats and payed for them!

ok so here’s a question about sunwing. at the bottom of my confirmation page it says the following.


now in my previous exp. we have never paid for the tourist card it was always handed to us on the plane prior to boarding.

does anyone know if we have to purchase one in the D.R.? or will they hand us one on the plane? i know air transat and skyservice hands you one before getting on the plane.

thanks for your replys

AFAIK, with Sunwing you have to pay tourist card and departure tax. I have $30/person put aside for this very purpose.

yes, you need to fill out the tourist card on arrival and pay 10$ per person before you go through customs, grab extra cards (the blue forms) because you need to fill them out again at departure with your $20 at checkin ( saves you from scrambling for a pen and writing on a wall at the airport lol )

What southbound is talking about is this

You pay for a tourist card $10 US prior to going through Immigration, there is a spot just off to the right after you enter the airport to purchase.

You will also have to fill out an [b]Immigration form/b which many airlines pass out in flight. If not, they are available on a table next to desk where you purchase the above tourist card. Take a whole pad as you need another one filled out for exiting the country. After immigration you will go and collect your luggage and exit the airport where you will walk by customs, just walk right by just like you know what you are doing, they seldom stop anyone.

When you check your luggage exiting the country, you will pay the $20 departure tax if it is not included in your package, then proceed to Immigration again and turn in another of the above form, then proceed through security screening.

Just to add to the confusion, I did what hlywud suggested and had a blue form prefilled. They gave us some new white forms to fill out, so I did. Of course, they collected the old blue forms, so I discarded the white one …
Be like a boy scout and be prepared. The procedures seem to change like the wind. ::slight_smile:

Indeed, since November 2008 (I beleive) you have to pay the 10$ US tourist card. As mentioned in an earlier post, have your 10$ bill (toursit card) and 20$ bill (for dearture tax) per person put aside. It’ll save you lotsa trouble :slight_smile:

Have a great vacation!

It’s not a big thing but …
In previous years they have picked up the tourist card, but not the departure tax. Now they’ve bucked the trend. Instead of picking up the departure tax like the other Canadian tour operators, they’ve gone the other way and aren’t covering either. This will be noted when I book next years vacation …

But they have wine included with a choice of two two hot meals, a welcome glass of white bubbly, and free earphone. I know, it does not add up to $30 but much better than the burritos and cold boxed lunch on Skyservice and AirTransat. But what matters the most to me is the departure date and city, the direct flight and of course the price!