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We’ve now learned that our flights over Christmas have changed again. We leave Toronto even later than before arriving in Punta Cana late on Christmas Eve. It’s the return trip that has us concerned, as we don’t leave until 10:20 p.m. Does anyone have experience with flights this late? Is there anything to be cconcerned about arriving in the middle of te night at the Toronto airport?

Counting down - 21 days!!


2 am is the latest arrival time allowed in Toronto, actually 1:59 am, I land on Feb 5 at 1:55 am, luv it, customs wants to go home, more time at the resort prior to departure.

Your 10:20 pm departure is 9:20 pm in YYZ so ad 4 hours + 15 minutes or so to it and that will be your landing time (1:35 - 1:45 approx.)


So what happens if the departure from PC is delayed?


then you will land in Hamilton…any plane that arrives later than 1:59am is diverted to Hamilton then bused to Toronto…


I flew with my kids leaving very late at night from Cuba last year, the kids slept on the plane and were well rested when we got to the airport. We too were wisked right through customs, even our luggage was off-loaded quickly. We were out of the ariport within 20 minutes of our arrival… it was great!


Our airport must run 24 hours a day!!! My flight from Toronto lands @3:57 am and the first flight out of here is @5:35 am. Last year the Air Transat flight to POP departed @5:00 am. I was hoping it would be the same this year but it isn’t leaving until 7:20 pm so we land late at night and basically lose a day because on departure the flight leaves @11:35 am. I personally love the early departure from here and the late one from where ever I am leaving.


Toronto airport’s hours for take offs and landings is 6am to 2am and flights that arrive after 2am will be diverted to Hamilton. No flights depart Toronto earlier than 6am…check their web site at WWW.GTAA.com