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Super Bowl Feb 1, 2009

I wonder if the BIG game is beeing televised at various resorts in Cuba?

Are the resorts taking out the BIG screens for the Big Game

so far it’s a pretty good game>

Steelers Win 27-23

what a great game!

There was a football game today?

We’ve been in Cuba a couple of times for this weekend.
Last year I was able to watch the game in my room. The funny part was, ours was the only room out of the four our group had that got that particular channel!
The other year we were there, I had to wait 'till we got home to find out who won.
I hear that both in the D.R. and Mexico the resorts make a big deal out of it. Big screens on the beach and the whole 9 yards!

Big screens on the beach?! :o

Now that is definitely not my cup of tea, no matter the occasion!

My family and I will be in Cuba as of Feb 12 and my brother is wondering if the Daytona 500 will be available on some channel. Redneck!

I think you’ll be watching the Trinidad 500, from Sancti Spiritus to Trinidad and back fifty times

“… my brother is wondering if the Daytona 500 will be available on some channel…”

Easy enough to arrange in Havana, not a clue elsewhere. I suggest you confirm which channels are broadcasting it and email your resort/hotel to see what’s available on their satellite feed. Good luck…

Oh my! I’m sure if I was vacationing during the Daytona 500 I would be finding out in a real hurry where I was able to watch. Guess that makes me a redneck woman! :wink:
I have to say if there was a huge screen on the beach I would be in 7th heaven.

BTW, I thought the game was awesome!