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Superclubs Puerto Plata - what to do?


Hi all.
Leaving for Breezes on 31st May, and was hoping some folks who’ve been there could maybe advise on what’s good to do in the resort, etc?
Our operator hasn’t been much help - they didn’t know anything other than the brochure, which advised BB courts, tennis, horseriding (I want to do this if they have it), scuba, shooting,etc,etc.

Most of the useful information for my holiday is what I’ve found out from people here, so another big thank you!


there is a lot to do at the resort, mini golf, rock climbing and they have a outdoor rink for activities. They have lots of games all throughout the day and night. YOu get a free shuttle to sousa and caberete which i highly reccomend trying. You can go to see the wonderful beaches at both areas and the wonderful shops to do a little bartering.


Brody - It depends on what you want to do really. They do offer Horse Back riding but it is an extra cost. My Aunt did it and had a blast. There are many day trips and tours that they sell as well that you may be interested in. Your tour rep will tell you about all these at your briefing session (I didn’t go so I can’t help you out).

They also have an arial trapeze that they show guests how to use and let you go up and swing around. Looked like fun - always people wanting to do that.

The pool staff also run activities (i.e. how can we embarass the guests) each morning and then again in the later afternoon. They leave you alone from lunch time to about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

The pool also has water slides which are fun in themselves, but even more so if you try going down on an air matress. Oh, also Volleyball in the pool.

Myself, if I wasn’t in the pool, I was next to it reading.