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Supermarket near playa dorada

How close is the supermarket to the west entrance/exit to playa dorada? Is it walkable or is a taxi a better option?

The closest supermarket to Playa dorada is Jose Luis.
leaving the parque to the right. At the big roundabout turn left, then you will see it on your left hand. I think this is a 20 minute walk.
The public bus is also passing this supermarket and costs you only 20 pesos.

It would take at least an hour to walk to Jose Luis Supermercado from the Playa Dorado. There is a new Supermercado about 2 miles west of Playa Dorado. I noticed it when I was down there in October. It is near the Coca Cola distributor. There are also several smaller colmados (basically conveneince stores) in the same area.

When I am in Puerto Plata I always shop at the Supermercado Tropical but as with Jose Luis you would probably need to take a taxi. Get a taxi up at the main road and round trip would probably be about 200 pesos ($6 US). This is a non-tourist market so the prices are good, unlike at the mall in the Playa Dorado. They have all the regular things that tourists often buy eg; cigs, cigars, coffee, vanilla and booze. They also take credit and debit cards.

Tropical is a little bigger then Jose Luis and you can find this in the direction of Parque central.
You have as well Jiminez, this is a very large supermercado, next to grocery they have clothers, furniture and most of the things you can imagine that you want to buy.

When we took a taxi to PP for the cable car we got the driver to stop at Tropical on the way back. He was happy to wait while we did a quick bit of shopping. Excellent prices for coffee, vanilla and rum.

Shop at Brugal if you want good prices on rum. A 700 ml bottle of Anjeo is only $8 USD. Most stores want $10-$12 USD. Duty Free at the airport was $12 USD as well.


The Brugal factory does not have the best pricing. When I was there in October a bottle of Aneijo (750) was around 220 pesos (less than $7 US) and if you get out into the country it will be a little less.

Duty free at the airport is a total joke. It is only cheaper if you compare the duty free prices to those that you would find at the resort.

shop in the little colmado’s, here is the price less then in the supermercado’s