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Swim up bar @ Playa Naco


Hi There , was just wondering if anyone knows if the swim up bar is still in operation @ the Playa Naco (now under a new name & ownership) . we have heard rumours that it is no longer operational ?
Cheers ßouquet


Hey Bouquet,
I am told that the swim up bar is gone, they extended the pool bar now to include a covered seating area, here is a link to some photos of the resort as of last April.
Looks great…


Hi jefffromottawa,
Many Thanks for the reply . We had a nice lil routine going for the 2 weeks we were there the last time, mornings beach it & pizza for lunch , then off to the pool & swim up bar for the afternoon catch the pool olympics & then back to the room to shower , change & head out to dinner & drinks . Ahhhhh well it’s gonna be tough . but we will just have to laze around ALL day on the beach now £0£’s . Awesome pictures Jeff , wish my vacation pics looked as good as yours ! I see by your post in “The Meeting Place” that we will miss each other by just a week or so :frowning: Maybe next yr as I cant see us changing our §un destination anytime in the near furture :slight_smile:
Cheers ßouquet


Just got back early this morning from Tropical Playa Dorada. The swim up bar is gone. There is a covered area where the pool bar is. No idea what it was like before.


pcgal ,
Our Thanks , for your response :slight_smile: I guess it’s not a deal breaker that the swim up bar is gone , but it was a bonus as to why we picked the Naco the 1st time we ever went to the D.R. . Spent many many of our afts there . From what we hear the beach reconstruction is Awesome , soooooo that wil make up for it :slight_smile:
Cheers ßouquet
P.S. I bet it wont be -35 wind chill there, like it it here this morn either!!!


We are also going to Naco from FEB 17th till 25TH, first time, gonna have a blast no matter what LOL

-35 here in Montreal now. get me outta here and on the beach for drinks heheh