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Swimmers & Diapers - how many to pack?!

Okay all you parents out there who have travelled with ones in diapers & who use lil’swimmers. HOW MANY DID YOU PACK? Did you have enough? Did you run out? Trying to decide - obviously two swimmers per day…, perhaps 5 diapers a day? I definately don’t want to take too little… I’d hate to run out. Anyone ever have problems with little ones going sans a swimmer? Not that I’d do it - I’d hate to be the one whose little one closed the pool because of an “accident”. Just curious!

Thanks in advance for your response!

I counted 8 diapers per day, just to be on the safe side.

8 per day - sounds like a good number - thanks for the advice, I do appreciate it!

does it not depends ( for us old folks LOL)) on on size of the diapers
Some diapers are good for 40 lbs LOL

We took 5 diapers a day, not including carry-on, plus a few swimmers. Always came home with a few diapers.

Just a tip in case you see you are running out of swimmers. As they do not absorb water, they also do not really absorb the pee. So after a short swim in the pool or ocean, you could wring them out and reuse them a time or two after they dry.

As for diapers, mine only used pull ups at night, so I just took 20 for the two of them. Plus took waterproof mats to lay on their mattresses in case of accidents.

Thanks for all the tips! I’m taking a whole sleeve of diapers, wouldn’t want to run out - it’s a good thing to know about the swimmers too! I didn’t know if we’d have to change them EVERY time he got out of the pool & went back in, etc - now that I’ve changed to taking a duffel bag, I have more weight allowance to pack more things lol. Four sleeps to go!

ok … I am doing some research for a friend. Did you find this was enough diapers/swimmers to take?

When I took my 11 month old to Nicaragua last Easter, I took extra diapers as I was terrified I would run out - I was glad I did as he seemed to go through more . . . probably cause he was drinking more water than usual due to the heat. You can always leave any extra diapers for the maid, they are always well received.

Took lots of swimmers too, but the others are 100% correct. They usually don’t get dirty, and you can ring them out and they dry very quickly. I ended up doing this after a few days as my little guy was in and out so much that I was using a lot of them at first, and then caught on to the idea of re-using the clean ones. On the case of swimmers I bought there was a pkg of stickers included that you stick on the baby’s skin and they change colour if there is too much sun getting on the baby’s skin. Very useful - just have to hide it from their view as they will pick it off :^)