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Swimming with Dolphins in Holguin/Guardalavaca

Staying at the PCV in April…have members of the family interested in swimming with the dolphins. Just looking for some reviews and the costs involved…thanks!

I can’t remember the exact price but, I think it was around $79.00 USA per person to go to see the Dolphins. The adults and children’s prices are the same.

You can also be pushed out of the water by the dolphins for $10.00 and photos can be taken of this for another $10.00. It may have been 5 and 5 but my brain cant seem to pull the amount up right now, lol.

You are allowed to bring a camera with you and take your own photos if you like but the pictures they take there are pretty awesome. They were 5x7 and had a caption at the bottom of when they were taken.

You are given one or two free complimentary drinks when you first arrive but after that you pay for the alcohol, water etc…

You will be there for a few hours watching a sealion show as well as a dolphin show. It gets pretty hot so bring sunscreen, towels, hats, as well as water with you.

My daughter just loves dolphins and insisted that we go as a family. All of us enjoyed the show and since I was dead set against going in the beginning it turned out to be an awesome day and an educational experience.

They picked my daughter out of the crowd to go up on stage and help the trainer with the dolphin show and it really made her whole vacation.

There is a little booth there as well that sells photo albums. They are $5.00 each and I bought a few so I could put the pictures in them and get them safely back to the resort without getting the photos wet.

If you do go I am sure you will have an awesome time. It really was well worth the money.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

What do folks think about the whole “swim with dolphins” thing? I used to think it would be a great thing to do, but then I stumbled upon an article in Now Magazine about how these are bad not only for the dolphins involved directly, but for the numerous ones that were probably killed in the process.

I then found a couple of other stories online that seemed to back up the claim that these things are really bad for dolphins:

Anybody have any first hand experience in this area?


[quote=@timtripp]What do folks think about the whole “swim with dolphins” thing? …Anybody have any first hand experience in this area?[/quote]I can’t claim to have firsthand experience, but I have read and heard a lot about the dangers…both to the dolphins and the swimmers. My TA has had clients relate negative experiences including being bumped and bitten by dolphins. This happens more frequently than you might think. The dolphins take part in this activity because they are trained to do so, not because they enjoy it. Failure to take part means food deprivation. A hungry dolphin will perform for fish. A sated one is unlikely to be cooperative, so the dolphins are kept hungry. (not starved, of course…but hungry enough to cooperate)

The catching of dolphins for these exhibits results in the killing of many. The ones kept in captivity are condemned to a life of frustration and boredom. If you really “love” dolphins, you won’t support their exploitation. I know Cuba is currently catching more dolphins both for their own exhibits and for sale to other countries…sad. :’(

The OP asked about prices, I believe there was prices in the pdf’s I posted from Gocuba.ca

More information here: