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Taking CUCs Into Cuba - New Problem


Heads up for anyone heading to Cuba soon. I just read on another forum that there is an issue with taking CUC’s back into Cuba. There is a new Aduana regulation that prohibits removing CUCs from Cuba and subsequently re entering with them. ??? ??? :frowning:

Apparently some people have had their CUCs confiscated.

Good thing to know as I always have a stash for upcoming trips.


Interesting new rules. I wonder if they will target everyone or just Americans and Cuban ex-pats.
Will this be a repeat of the mandatory Travel Insurance scare?


This is a brand new Aduana regulation that was just implemented recently. As of now you can no longer export CUC under any circumstances, period.

Obviously this brings up a Catch-22 situation where it instantly means bringing in CUC is illegal too because you shouldn’t have taken it out in the first place. It makes no difference if it was legally exported under the old regulation - Aduana gave no grace period to get those CUCs back into Cuba so they’re scamming like crazy now.

Great reminder for everyone to hide their CUC when entering Cuba now…


Quote from the Link: “It is not allowed to export the called peso convertible (CUC), in any denomination and quantity”

We always kept some leftover CUC from our previous trips so we could get that first cold Crystal at arrival.
Hmmm how we suppose to get that first cold Crystal at the airport now :sunglasses: ??? ;D
pay in Canadian funds it will be.



Great reminder for everyone to hide their CUC when entering Cuba now…[/quote]

That’s what bras are for! I won’t mind having some extra “lift”. ;D


Should I go for a fitting or just buy off the rack?


I guess the guys selling beer at the airport will be wearing rubber gloves. Never know where those CUC’s were hidden.


That really screws things up :’( :stuck_out_tongue: >:(
I like to bet the cab driver he cannot get to the Sol club at Cayo Largo in less than 5 minutes.
The last driver we had must have watched GRAND THEFT AUTO .
Seriously tho, tipping is going to have to be budgeted to get everyone but not to have any left.
Or , bury a baggie at the beach of your leftover CUC 's

I wonder why they would do that ???
It makes not sense at all
Anyone that takes CUC’s out of Cuba and does not return to use it has basically taken toilet paper pieces as they have 0 value outside of Cuba.
I still have about 80 CUC that I will be returning with , but I will tip the driver in Canadian so as not to cause any grief


To smuggle in peso coins you will need pasties too.




Great reminder for everyone to hide their CUC when entering Cuba now…[/quote]

That’s what bras are for! I won’t mind having some extra “lift”. ;D[/quote]

There is a joke here somewhere !
good one YVRck



Great reminder for everyone to hide their CUC when entering Cuba now…[/quote]

Well, that’s a bummer…now I’ll have to come up with a new way to accessorize my travel outfit; no more pinning my CUCs to my jacket as a fashion statement :wink:


got back yesterday, a none starter from what I notice, which was nothing.


are they going to search everyone, from head to toe, seems a little ridicules to me


I think it’s yet another farce that will quickly fade away - same as all the other public relations disasters that Aduana trots out every now and then.

In any case bringing in your CUC is a non issue. The personal scanners can’t see money and Aduana isn’t doing body searches - not even they are that stupid - so it’s no big deal one way or the other…


Last time I was in Cuba I saved a lot of 3 CUC’s, for – guess what! – those first sweet Cristals for the bus ride to the hotel. Priorities, people!!! :wink:

I like having some Cuban money at home so in case I know somebody going down, I can hand them a few pesos and tell them “First beer’s on me!”. Or if they have offered to bring back rum or coffee, I have the money ready before they go away. Plus I like the idea of a three dollar bill!


I am sorry for the bell boys.


Nhathanh, I think the bellboys will just get loonies and toonies, which means the day that Canadians leave, they will have many bellboys with a handful of coins asking to exchange for a Canadian five or ten; they can then take the paper money to the bank, as the banks do not exchange CUC for Cdn coins.

Of course, this goes counter to all the discussions we have had over the years about NOT TIPPING IN CANADIAN COINS!!! :slight_smile: Oh, the irony!

I usually carry a few tipping items (yes, I’m one of those people!) in my carry-on - and have tipped with baseballs, stainless mugs, or small cutting knives on different occasions. I have in the past brought down 20 extra kg with humanitarian allowances for medications with the airline and so the poor bellboy has earned his tip!


Okay you guys are making me nervous, ie hiding money and security searching you. What have I got myself into? I am a nervous flyer to start with. What should I be watching for? Is it not like going to another country


This situation is a non issue for you, as you don’t have any Cuban money saved from a previous trip. It’s likely a temporary problem in any case. My guess is they have been experiencing shortages of their tourist currency and are looking for ways to prevent this problem. As usual, their solution is ham fisted and likely unworkable, but will cause some irritation for people who get blindsided.


I agree 100% with eeeefarm that you have nothing to be nervous about. You have no Cuban money to hide since it’s your first trip. Security seems daunting but it really isn’t and if all you have are your personal items for your vacation, then again, nothing to worry about.

Remember to remove hats and sunglasses when approaching customs/security, smile, answer the questions if there even are any and you’re good to go.