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Taking daughter's friend

What do we need to do to tale our daughter’s friend to Cuba with us,she is 15?

We did this in 2007. We had to get a notorized letter from each of his parents giving consent to travel.

here is the goverment web site for the consent letter

Don’t be intimidated by this. The letter is very straightforward and the process is very simple.

Chances are slim to none that you’ll need it, but if you are asked to prove that you have permission to take her out of the country then the letter is invaluable and has you on your way with almost no hassle.

Have fun.

We weren’t asked by the Canadians on departure, but we were asked by the Cubans for the letter. We didn’t use the form on the Canadian govt website though - it was just a 3 sentence letter stating the kid’s name, our names and the dates and destination of travel, but I’m sure the form letter looks more “official” to a bureaucrat!

Along with the letter mentioned, it’s a good idea to ensure that your daughter’s friend brings her provincial medical insurance card. As the “responsible adult” :wink: , it might be good for you to have a photocopy of all of her documents (passport, ticket, etc.).

Also get a letter of concent for medical treatment just in case it is needed.