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Taking Public transpo from Bahia Principe

Were staying at the bahia principe SJ in January. Is our first time to the Dominican. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if you can catch the Gua Guas from the resort to go to various towns & which ones they go to & how often they come by.

Please advise.


You would definately be able to catch a gua gua out the gates of the resort on the main road. They will come by at various intervals but you should not have to wait long. Another option is a public car.

A public car will have a sign on top that says where it is going. Not sure about the gua gua.

They pass by the main gate in each direction about every 30 minutes. From the gate, to the left is the community of Rio San Juan, which is about a 15 minute ride. Many of the hotel workers live there. To the right is Gaspar Hernandez, Cabarete, Sosua, etc. The ride to Gaspar Hernandez is about 20 minutes. It’s a busy little town with lots of stores and incredibly clean (and well stocked) grocery stores. Double that time to Cabarete. Hold on tight! They leave that sliding side door wide open for the ride. It’s exhilirating! The cost doesn’t appear to be a set rate but $1 US per person, payable to the driver or his attendant appears to be acceptable. So is a tip! We generally give them $5 per couple in each direction.

You can ask one of the tram drivers at the lobby entrance to the hotel to drop you off out at the main gates on the highway so you don’t have to walk all that way, too. We have explored Rio San Juan, Cabarete and Sosua many times and find it a wonderful day.

hmm… how do you pronounce GuaGuas?? Like “gwah”?


[quote=@jenniesvacay]hmm… how do you pronounce GuaGuas?? Like "gwah"?


I was told gooowah gooowah

I stand corrected if this is not correct