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Taking your own security camera


Besides your room safe a problem and having to pack a 1lb lock, I found a very nice way to keep an eye on your room and its very light weight. While at the condo in Bucerias a fellow from Europe that I got to know well, put a phoney clock radio on the night stand. It had a pin hole camera and a SD card for memory. What was great he understood the maids talking Spanish while they went through the dresser drawers looking for something to steel. This would certainly be great to show some hotel management what is really going on. This camera was not very expensive at all. When he showed this to the condo manger you can well imagine what happened. Love technology. Think I will get one.


What a great idea, if you find one, let us know where you got it and the cost. Thanks


Sorry to disagree but I think packing a security camera on vacation is over the top, imo!


Oh, you don’t have to be sorry for having an opinion. It is common place to have cameras watching your every move. It is a fact that the only way to prove things these days is to take a picture of it. We all carry cameras with us all the time. The cel phone has proven that. When the hotel manager disputes your allegations, what better way to show them a picture of the truth. Have you ever wondered how the care giver looking after your children has handled their responsibility?


Google the term “security camera radio” and you’ll find it.
Trouble is that said device looks like it’s a minimum of $300 and more valuable than anything I’m trying to protect …
On the other hand, if I was a thief, I’d likely take the camera too. :sunglasses:


All I can say is that I wouldn’t want to go anywhere on vacation that I felt the necessity for a security-cam. I’ve heard everything now! ::slight_smile:


I just thought of a great idea. Make a sign that reads, This Room is Protected by a Security-Camera. Make it in Spanish and prop it up where anyone entering the room will not miss it. :wink: ;D


Sounds like a good compromise. :wink:


Well I found a pin hole camera for $6.00. Yes that is not a typo. Its called a key chain camera and holds a 4gb card. Now you have to buy the card separately which is $5 to $10. Now that is cheap. Will find out how long the battery will last. Its one of those round flat batteries. As the name implies, it looks like a key fob. Can’t wait to test this new equip’t out. Can set this anywhere in a room and they will not see it.


Good luck with that one. I bought one a few years ago and it chewed up the battery in about a week (even though turned off). I took it back and exchanged it. The replacement did the same thing. I returned it as well and didn’t bother to get another. Hope you have better luck.
Oh, and by the way, I expect it’s a still camera, not video, you’ll never be able to conceal it and you have to be there to press the shutter release …


I am going to splurge and buy some more expensive and rechargeable ones. There is some real nice HD stuff too. They are video. I learned something about these cameras and audio. You ever wondered what happens to old cell phones, well the Chinese take the guts out and put the cameras in these little fobs. So the better and latest cell phones have very good cameras. Can’t wait to find whats the best and the cost is not a factor. Who cares if it even cost $50.


Well, if you find something like that (video capable, rechargeable, keyfob etc) and it turns out to be good, let us know where you got it. I don’t care about the security camera part, but I can see a use or three for a keyfob camera.


Got a real nice alarm clock. It runs 24hrs and motion detection activated. Holds a 32 gb card and good quality picture and even night vision. Excluding the card less than $100. Got a key fob also that runs for 6hrs and rechargeable. Look out hotel staff.


Any more updates to the security cameras?