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Ok, silly question (again). If it is overcast…can you still get a tan? I just hate the thought of coming home pasty white…want to look like I have been somewhere warm…just curious…of course have sunscreen packed, but nothing like a sun kissed look. :sunglasses:

Yes. I’ve seen a number of people get bad sunburn on those cloudy days. They felt safe and skipped the sunscreen.

Be careful. UV rays can be very dangerous on overcast days. :sunglasses:

Those are the days when you really get the sun, they are worse then the sunny day.

So what strength of sunscreen do you use when in the DR? If I’m using a 40 or 50 SPF and applying several times throughout the day, am I going to get any tan at all? Or do you start off with a higher SPF and then work your way down throughout your time in the DR?

We haven’t ever travelled to a warm country in the winter before, so don’t want to come back “fried”, but would like to have a bit of tan to at least show that I was away.

I have 40 or 50 and all the way down to 15. I am lightest coloured in family. Kids and hubby tend to tan much better…daughter gets very dark. Just don’t want to burn. Friends we went with 5 years ago forgot to keep re-applying their sons sunscreen, and he ended up getting really bad heatstroke…just keep putting it on, and if you feel like you have had too much, sit in the shade…or under an umbrella or something. I think we all will go home a different shade than what we went down…or at least I hope so. :o

we normally start with a 40 for the first two or three days and if tanning is progressing nicely without burns we go do to a 15.

AFAIK, sunscreen won’t help heatstroke or sunstroke. That’s why they make hats. ;D
The umbrella and shade idea is good too.

I hope nobody takes offense to this. I also like to get a little color from the sun. Dominicans find it very curious as to why we want to be darker when they strive to be lighter! If my wife walks in the sun she takes an umbrella as do many children.

Simply put, many Dominican find it very weird that someone would spend hours in the sun trying to get darker, especially considering they prefer to be lighter.

I have gotten some of my best colour on those overcast days! I start with SPF 30 for the first few days and switch to 15 for the last half of our trip. Hubby and I also pretan before we go, otherwise I would be wearing SPF 8000 for the whole trip as I am naturally quite fair skinned.

We do the fake and bake at home before going to get a start…then use a 15 down there but a 30 on my face…last few days i go down to a 10 if no burning but still 30 on the face.

We put SPF 50 on the kids and reapply it often. Even though we spend most of the time in the shade while on the beach, they always come home slightly brown, and they are super duper pasty white normally. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet and tops of your ears…like I usually do! :-[

People who get their (or their childrens) hair braided please also realise that the scalp will need to be protected by sunscreen or hat, as it is now more exposed to the sun.

Final piece of advice…try to avoid sunbathing when your shadow is shorter than yourself! ;D