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Tanning before Travelling South

Hi All, Does anyone go to the tanning spa before heading south in the winter? If so, how many times at the fake’n bake would you recommend? I was thinking it might not be a bad idea to get a bit of a base before I subject my pearly white canadian skin to the warm caribbean sun… ;D

I leave Dec 20 and tomorrow will be my first fake bake appt. I usually go three times a week for four to six weeks before we leave.

Hmm, well you will have to take off all your clothes for me to make that determination for you Deb… LOL

Honestly, it is a great idea to get a good base before you go, especially if your ‘white’ as a ghost. The sun might not seem that hot…but trust me, it is…

We always tan before leaving south, usually every second day for about 21/2 weeks. This way with a good base you don’t have to be quite as cautious in the sun, but also my husband and I tan well and like to spend alot of time in the sun.

I used to go to the tanning salon thinking it would be an important investment, but when I got busy before one trip and didn’t have the time, I found that it made little difference. The fake tan didn’t protect me as much as I thought it would and a high factor sunscreen was still required for the first few days, same as now. I don’t bother with the fake tan any longer and though I might be pink for a day or two while away, it’s the same as before and in the end I still don’t blister and come away the same colour as in the old days. It may be personal to your skin type but I’m unconvinced on the benefits of the fake bake for me.


I don’t know if it helps but I do it anyway. At least you look better!

I always go for at least 10 sessions before I go. I have fair skin so it does help me be able to stay in the sun longer at the beginning of my trip. You will still need a good sun screen no matter what skin type you have.

I always pre-tan. Actually I’ve already started. I’ve been maintaining my last D.R. tan from 07 (lol). I’ll intensify my sessions in mid-January. I’ll be darkly tanned by the time I arrive. The sun is very strong and regardless of all my pretanning there are spots that’ll burn. It’ll be hot, hot, not; bring it on - can’t wait!

I always plan for 10 sessions before going. I go every 2nd day right up until the day prior to leaving. I always have a reaction to the sun so this helps me alot as well as gives me a good base.

I try to get in 8-10 tanning sessions before we go away. It keeps me from going through the ‘pink stage’…but I still use SPF 30 when I get to the beach :sunglasses:
One plus is that not as many vendors/sellers or timeshare sharks target you…they look for the whitest ‘newbies’… ;D

I find a few sessions before I go seems to stop me going through the red stage, it doesn’t make me any browner but if it stops the ‘reds’ thats good for me.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Me and my guy are going to take the advice of majority and head to the tanning spa.

and Bow…men sheesh!! always thinking nekkid… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve only been on 2 trips to the south-and going for my 3rd this coming january (can’t wait) and would never subject my skin to the dangers of a tanning bed! good ol’ spf 45 (all the way for me! i don’t think 3-4 hours of sun in 15 minutes is healthy…but just my opinion-oh and i’ve never gotten a sunburn while on vacation either and am fair skinned…

sunley, if you have sensitive skin or skin that burns easily then I highly recommend you condition your skin a bit before going. I originally was against it but my physician highly recommended it for me as the sunrays are so much stronger in the Carribbean. I have done it each and every trip now and thank goodness I do.

have any of you tried the mystic tan, it is a spray tan that they apply to you in a saloon and it develops to a nice brown color in a few hours. My hairdresser does this type of tan and I will say it looks tan not orange. My question is, how does it look a few days after you are in the sun? The big draw to this for me is they can shade the tan to do body contouring that makes you look a few pounds lighter lol. I know it is silly but I am just wondering

We have one of these tanning places in town as well…they are a temporary ‘spray on tan’ and not a base tan as you get with regular tanning sessions. You are basically just colouring your skin with a spray on dye to make it look like you have a tan.

Check with your local tanning shops, and I am sure they will give you the same opinion as the one I was given… If I am incorrect, please let me know… as this is just the info I was given.

My daughter had the mystic tan it looked great but did not last long. With the sand and salt water it rub right off…

sorry, i think you might have misunderstood-i don’t have sensitive skin, i just don’t see the benefits of 3-4 hours of direct uv exposure in 10 to 15 minutes-or how it could be healthy in any way. i would rather save my skin by using a good sunscreen (like i’ve done in the past) with fantastic results-never got a sunburn-just a light tan-just what i wanted. but i guess it’s just what each person wants to do…just something i will never do.

i usually tan 5 times before i go. but now im looking at my pictures, and it looks like i haven’t seen the sun in decades the first few days! i might up my tanning next time

I have fair skin and would not dream of going south without pre-tanning. I usually start 4 weeks before our trip - I do 3X week at 10 minute sessions for the first week or so and then up it in 2 minute increments until our departure date. I use SPF 30 all over for the first 3-4 days (depending on the time of year) and then go down to a 15 for the rest of our trip, and have never burned in 14 trips. I look forward to my pretan visits…helps to get the vacation started early (and it helps the mild eczema I sometimes get in the winter!)

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