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Taxes so High....why?!

Ok, so this doesn’t pertain to the East Coast area of the DR in particular, but this is the only area of the country that I have traveled to in the past.

So why are the “taxes” so high to this country? It can be close to $400 per person, and as a result I have not been back for years. Just the taxes alone are about 75% of what I can book to Cuba for example. And even if I find a deal, the taxes almost double the cost.

I really love this country and area to visit, and returned many times in the past, but now the cost is a issue.

I know taxes to Mexico are creeping up as well, but still not as high as here.

Any thoughts or inside knowledge or rational behind this???

Great question Monctonguy…I have often wondered myself. Has always been $100 more to travel to Punta Cana then to Cuba.


some of the answers

more here


Thanks for the links Wud, but I understand all the airport fees, taxes etc when I travel.

I am just not sure why so high for the DR. I am flying to Cuba, and paying $168 in taxes, with the same vacation company going to the DR, its $392 in taxes.

I know westjet seems to have some lower taxes into the DR, but their base prices are higher for the most part.

I guess there really is no answer, just disapointing as Punta Cana is defn my fav place to visit and relax, but the"taxes" have pretty much made that impossible now.

I agree, that is why we went to Cuba this year. We used the extra tax money to upgrade to Club Class. We are looking at Cuba again next spring, we can go there for 2 weeks for the price of one week to Punta Cana. Punta Cana is our favourite place but they are pricing themselfs out of my market for me!

Hula were do you stay in Cuba trying to find a nice place to visits love the DR but the wife and sister want to change it up… so Ill give Cuba a shot in Jan But Ill be going back to DR once for sure… :slight_smile:

Yes, the extra savings on the taxes would cover Club Class or executive upgrades, or the hotels/parking etc fee’s.

I did a few searches, using the same dates, same starting airports and same carries, and DR always comes out more for taxes. Most time it’s almost double.

Disappointing yes, especially as the base price’s for trips to the DR are already relativity high.

That being said, its still my fav place to visit, so will keep eyes open for a deal in the near future. Till then it’s Cuba!

the answer to why, I believe(but could be wrong) the difference is a socialist economy to a free economy, and with the socialist economy there would be lots of reasons the taxes would be lower,

[quote=@wolfy167]so Ill give Cuba a shot in Jan But Ill be going back to DR once for sure… :slight_smile:

FYI to Wolfy

Been to Cuba Varadero twice and loved it, once for xmas/Newyears the weather was perfect. Second trip mid January… the beach was deserted it was so cold, windy and a parka was needed for the evenings.

I have heard you need to go more South of the Island during this time period for warmer weather ??

Yes the taxes to the DR are crazy… still our favorite place : )

Bon voyage everyone !!

TYRP what do you like about this resort . In 2011 we change to Cuba for the same reason DR are overpricing, this year we may consider Cuba again. the resort we have been to 7or 8x’s is $250 more p.p. and higher txs, than last year??? 2011 in Cuba we were eaten alive with the mozzies, huge bites lasting for at least 6 wks after returning home really turn me off Cuba so that my concern . I need a location where they are not so many, this is a problem that I usually am not concerned with, as where we live out in the country so is is TYRP why are you returning there?? thanks

haven’t been to the TRYP before, but stayed in the Cayo Coco area before and loved it.

Best beach I have visited ever south, always great deals to be had. As good if not better weather than other trips elsewhere I have taken. And no single supplement anytime I have gone as well.

Chose the TRYP this time, as heard it was a little more lively, lots of a la carte options, and rated#2 resort in the Cayo Coco area.

I may eat my words this time, but no issues past 2 trips to Cuba, both times in different areas!!

When this trip doesn’t cost much more than just the taxes to the DR, I don’t have much of a option! :sunglasses:

Do not complain to much, at least you have the option to go to Cuba. I would love to go but it is a no no out of US.

I do have the option of Cuba, and not complaining about it. I have enjoyed Cuba very much…

However, that does not mean I am still not disappointed about the high taxes to the DR out of Canada.

Maybe you can answer this for us cincy1, are the taxes the high as well out of the US? And how are the prices & taxes to the DR, compared to say Mexico or Jamaica??

Just for a lark, I picked an arbitrary date and departure city (Apple Vacations, Punta Cana, Grand Paradise, Aug 14, Buffalo) and compared it to Toronto departure using YTT (Your Travel Tickets). Yes, the taxes and fees quoted by Apple were less, but the overall package price still came out about $100 less per person using YTT. I think the big difference is that Apple is using scheduled air and YTT is charter.

Just found a new high…$407.71 per person with ACV out of Moncton in Janurary…

So close to $1000 for 2 people, just the taxes.

I remember when it was getting around the $300 mark a few years ago and I thought it was crazy…will be at $500 shortly.

There will be no such thing as a last min deal, as the taxes will be more than the “base” cost of the trip…

Just me venting, as the higher the taxes, the less likely I will be back anytime soon to what was a place I used to love to visit.

Remember ‘back when’…you could always get a good deal if you booked a ‘new’ resort? We took advantage of that option for trips to Punta Cana & to Mexico…haven’t been able to do that since …? maybe 7-10 yrs ago?

Since we go away for 2 weeks over xmas Punta Cana is ‘out of the picture’ unless we want to spend around 6 grand… :o
Thankfully, Holasun picked up Halifax over xmas and we go now to the Trinidad area for less than 4000 for both of us. It’s not fancy but we go for the beach, warm weather and cultural eperience… 8-)…suits us fine for now.

Yes…I was able to take advantage of that that when “EdenH” opened in Punta Cana. Was around $1100 for the week, taxes in.

Some things were not quite 100%, and I remember the day that more beach chairs arrived and the whole beach was cheering…lol.

Could never afford that resort now, I am guessing its about double that now…

But if you hear of any new resorts opening with some deals, let me know, even if the taxes were high… :sunglasses:

Just booked this today. October 14 - 21 Staying at the Ocean Blue & Sand from St Louis MO. 7 days @ $1058 per person includes tax and transportation to and from airport. Also All-Inclusive.

You have to pay $25 CUC (about $28 US) in departure tax leaving Cuba, D/R departure tax is included - Airport Fees (cost to airline to land at an airport) may also be higher in certain locations Toronto Pearson (YYZ) also charges an AIF (Airport Improvement Fee) to fund terminal expansion, so there are some variables as to what airport you fly in/out of.

Paying the $25 CUC, I just booked Cuba for Nov and my taxes were $165. That’s far less than the $390. that I paid for the D.R. Now that Sunwing has Signature you have to pay the departure tax for both these. I love the D.R. however, getting hard on the wallet.