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I got an auto reply overnight about prices going up.
When I checked this AM, they were up significantly.
On closer examination however, it appears that it
is the taxes that nearly doubled.
Are they any regulations on these?

Taxes were high when we booked in August, when I last looked they $105 we paid $205 in August

We booked our April '09 trip in May of this year - the taxes are the same price now but the resort has increased $200 per person since booking!!!

[quote=@mr]…On closer examination however, it appears that it
is the taxes that nearly doubled.
Are they any regulations on these?[/quote]

I don’t think there are any regulations because they’re not actually taxes per se but actually just additional charges that they lump together as “taxes”. I think this gives John Q Public the impression that it’s the government to blame for all the increases instead of the airline/airport/tour operator.

Yes, it is frustrating that the amount of ‘taxes’ goes up and down. I also think that it isn’t all taxes, maybe the tour operators are arbitrarily moving things from one category to another. For example, is it a coincidence that ‘taxes’ rise exactly when the ‘fuel surcharge’ is taken off?

That’s not been my observation.

For example several vacation wholesalers were offering no fuel surcharge promos last week (ended Oct. 31), and the tax portion of the trip was in fact $100 LESS than it usually is.

Today, those packages I was tracking last week for late January departures have gone back to the usual $206 taxes (Vancouver departures with Sunwing) AND the price for the resorts also increased by about $125-$250 per person.

It’s quite a merry-go-round this year!

Anyone with inside knowledge if Signature is going to offer a ‘no fuel surcharge’ ? I’m looking at a package through them and if they knocked off $100 or $150 per person I’d jump on it. ;D

If you don’t want to post in an open forum, I’ll take a pm. ;D ;D ;D

the ‘taxes’ on most travel web sites are not only taxes but are taxes and fees, with the fees almost always being more than the taxes. Truth in advertising laws are being ignored and everyone is trying to blame the government when (for this time only) it is not their fault.

Ok, so the package I’ve been tracking with Signature, just dropped the ‘taxes’ by $50 per person. Should have made the trip $200 cheaper (4 people), but the base price went up. So what was $2484 yesturday with a $260 tax is now $2472 today with a $210 tax.

What a rip off.


Did you reverse your numbers because 2472 (today) IS less than 2484 (yesterday)?

djenning, Yes its less, but if you judge by the reduction in taxes of $50 per person, the price should have gone down to $2284 not $2472. obviously the price of the package went up just as the taxes went down.

A couple of other dates/hotels with signature that I’ve been looking at also increased in base price from yesturday, again perhaps to compensate for a reduction in taxes???

Looking again more closely, its actually $50 that the base price of adult went up by, same as taxes went down. The child ticket went up by a smaller amount.

I wish we paid the departure tax when we book thhe trip
It would be just one less thing to bother with

Just got notices again today from AC and Sunwing that they
would be dropping the fuel surcharge.
I just finished checking prices and the taxes were changed
along with the prices but the bottom line was identical…
up about $200 from 3 days ago.
This is the fifth time I’ve planned a trip for Cuba
and I never realized how much collusion was actually going on.
I am seeing taxes vary from $117-$210 and rates from $1795-$2174
all in the same hotel for the same type of room on the same aircraft
down and back!