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Taxi fare from airport to grand palladium

Was wondering if anyone knows price of taxi from the pc airport to the grand palladium? Have always travelled as a package deal, but did it separetly this year. Any one else going to be there April 17-24th or thearabouts?

We stayed at the palladium last spring. It was $33 US. GP is amazing- Enjoy!


Yeah…we’ll be there at the Palladium Bavaro on the exact dates as you are!! Our trip from the airport is included in our pkg. though…rather glad as I wouldn’t want to have to mess with trying to get a taxi, etc…

taxis at the PUJ airport are hassle free.
you can also prearrange a private transfer with Bronly of IBK Servicios Turisticos,
just drop him a e-mail on info@ibkservicios.com
prearranged transfers with your private driver awaiting you with a sign at the airport usually range just up to $5.- higher than a usual cabby.
happy travel

current rates are here


Just today and used ibk …excellent service


they have internet at the Royal Suites ??
he he
welcome home

Our group of eleven will also be there from April 17th-26th. We are going to try the pre-arranged bus to the resort this time. In the past when we were in the Mayan Riviera we arranged private transfer and that worked out great but the trip to the resort was 1 1/2 hours from the airport. If I am correct the Palladium is not that far from the airport. We are counting down the days.

the palladium is just a 25 minutes from the airport, no big deal.
have fun

Taxi fare back in November was $35 (plus tip) each way.

The Royal Suites lobby has 4 internet stations available at no cost. They are occasionally stacked up but we had no trouble getting access.

Enjoy, the place is fantastic!

The Sitratural taxi service at the airport can be hire, and they have reasonable rates.


Fun in the sun!!


they are one of the companies organized as one association at the airport, and they have a random system about which driver is next.
those are the cabbies i wrote about above,
available 24/7 at the exit of the luggage area, hassle free, fix rates.
the 2nd choice would be to prearrange a private transfer like described above, mostly between 3-5 bucks more on the rate, driver with a sign waiting for you, you can prearrange on such cold beers aso waiting for you in a cooler in your private transfer, prearrange stops at specific locations like some people want to get specific cigars before they reach the hotel aso.
just pick what suits you best.
both variations are 100% reliable and safe.
happy travel

Mike, will the regular cabs also stop on the way for you? We are thinking of not taking the transfer to the resort as we want to stop at the market in that new shopping center on the way to pick up beer, etc. (I think it will be less expensive and more selection than the little market next to Grand Palladium).

Or is our best bet to pre-arrange one of the other cab companies to pick us up and stop on the way to the resort?

thanks for all the info everyone. have sent an email to the one you suggested Mike, just waiting to hear a reply back. this site is awesome. can’t wait only 11 more weeks and counting every day off the calander

yes, this site is awesome, he he.
welcome to Debbies, btw.
a regular cabby also will make stops with you, he’s a cabby and will bring you to every destin where ever you want to pass by or stop. just make such clear from the beginning with the fix rate for your customized roundtrip. those guys are locals and know their 'hood, just make from the beginning what you want and what the rate for such will be including waiting time aso.
happy travel