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Taxi from tryp Cayo Coco to Moron

Was wondering if anyone had any idea the cost of a taxi from the tryp resort to Moron.I know its about a 40 minute trip.Thanks for any help .

We made arrangement’s through Zoila in guest services.
She set us up with Israel for the day and I think we paid $50.
He gave us a good tour plus we spent some time wandering
around ourselves.

Six of us hired a van and driver for a whole day. He picked us up and dropped us off at the NH Krystal, which is next door to the Tryp. We were gone from 9 in the morning until late afternoon and saw everything we could hope for in Moron. He would park in an area and we would do a walking tour. Then we would move to another section and do the same. He even took us to the homes of hotel bartenders who had given us their addresses. We got to meet their families. The cost was $120, which worked out to $20 each.