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Taxi service at Cayo Santa MAria

Can anyone tell me what the taxi service is like at Cayo Santa Maria? We are looking at staying at one of the Memrories properties and want to taxi to the beach at the Sol. Last year we tried to get a taxi twice and we were unable to get one. Or should I say we waited 45 minutes and then gave up and walked. Unfortunately I think it is close to 4 KM from the Sol to Memeories resort.

It should be 5 CUC. Try the taxi stand at the Pueblo.

I believe there is a shuttle bus between the resorts. Don’t know how often it runs, but only 1 CUC if my info is correct…

there are buses that run between resorts and I think it’s 1 CUC but they are not all that reliable so unless you see it, you might not want to wait for it, and the taxis are running around all over the place, your bellhop can get you a taxi pretty quick usually. And it’s quite inexpensive, I know from Cayo Ensanachos to the pueblo as 5 pesos