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Taxi to Cayo Santa Maria?

When you land at Santa Clara, can you take a taxi to Santa Maria instead?
How much would this cost and would you get there a lot sooner?
Any help, thanks.

In my opinion…no it would not be worth my while as the causeway is what it is. You would likely have to spend a large amount on the taxi for the saving of little time. The only savings would be that you would not have to wait until the bus loads. Yes you would get to the hotel before others but is it worth the extra cost when it is already provide.

To each his own but for me I wouldn’t do it. Perhaps if the ride was a shorter on but not when it’s 1.5 hours.

What resort are you going to? I know that when I checked into Royal Hideaway the check in time was less than 10 minutes very organized. If your heading to Las Dunas, Melia, Sol or Barcelo well then that could be a whole other kettle of fish as there will likely be several buses. So if you took the taxi you would beat that line up. Have never stayed there to know how organized their check in is.

Whatever you decide…that area is so beautiful, especially Cayo Ensenachos.

Perhaps other posters that have used taxi services can let you know what the cost is.

If you are heading for Melia Cayo Santa Maria they do your check in on the bus. Once you get to the hotel you just head for your room (or the bar :smiley: ) and your bags are delivered shortly. This is so streamlined I don’t see any advantage at all to taking a cab…and a likely disadvantage, since you would have to go to the front desk on arrival and they would need to locate your envelope with your room keys which they probably wouldn’t have until the bus arrived. ;D

I am not sure if the other hotels are using this method for checking in, but I do know that Sol used to…

Yes, when I was there the check-in happened on the bus as well, and so I wouldn’t recommend the taxi for this reason, but also, the bus had a police escort that allowed it to speed and a taxi wouldn’t have the same resources, so I think the drive might actually be longer. In my experience, cab rides of this duration have cost around $90-100 pesos. Not a small sum! :wink:

Good point.
I was thinking that you could save a hour or two, but for the few minutes saved, it ain’t worth it.
Anyway, we are on vacation, what’s a few more minutes?
( have to get my mindset into vacation time, and not work time.)

the ride would be the same and as everyone else said - check in is done on the bus - the ride is interesting 1.5 hrs