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Teen rates?


We are planning to go to PC (Riu Bmabu) in March 2007 for two weeks. At that time our daughters will be 14 and 13. In the travel brochure it states 2-12 year olds get a discounted price. Does any one know if there is a “teen rate” as they do not consume alcohol or do they just pay full rate. And if they pay full rate are they entitled to their own room?



Yes, they’ll be considered adults. They may go a little cheaper if you book them as 3rd and 4th adult sharing the room. If you pay full rate for them, then yes they will get their own room (and you get some privacy).
Oh, and they drink the ‘expensive’ stuff, like pop and lot’s of it! Not to mention teenage appetites! :sunglasses:


I never thought of it that way…alcohol is much cheaper down there… ha ha



I always thought that soft drinks is more expensive then booze. Could be wrong but I’m quite sure I heard it somewhere.



Your best bet may be to make an inquiry with Sunquest:


Good luck!


Thanks Meandfamily! :slight_smile:


I just called Sunquest and they told me that my girls would be full adult fair. And I could book an additional room or have them buck with us. I then asked…“If they are paying full price why would they not have their own room?” She then said some people would still prefer to have the kids in the room with them.

Now my question is does any one know if the Bambu has adjoining rooms?


AHHHHHHHHH familygal…you’re on vacation…let your kids have their own room adjoining or not…It would be fun foe them having a little independance (kinda) evern though you are right next door.


We traveled with our kids last year (ages 13 & 15) and they had their own room. The rooms weren’t adjoinging but were right next to each other. We brought along our “walkie talkies” and used them to chat between rooms and also to keep in touch if the kids were heading off to some activity on the resort. Having 2 rooms wasn’t a problem at all - it was actually kinda fun when the kids invited us to “their place” for a sleep over.


Walkie-talkies between rooms…that is a great idea!

Did you e-mail the hotel and ask for rooms side by side or is it a given because they are still children?


Our travel agent was very helpful and made sure the files were linked with a notation that one of the rooms was for the children so the rooms HAD to be beside each other (and also that the room for the kids HAD to have 2 beds; this was a request of our kids). I also emailed the resort about two weeks in advance to confirm that the information had made it their end and the resort emailed me back to confirmed that it had.


Great, thanks for the info!


Familygal, there are a very few adjoining rooms. You would probably be better off requesting side by side rooms. My experience with RIUs have been have your travel agent make the request and then email the resort. Wellington is a great general manager and will take very good care of you. :sunglasses:


When we went to the DR for the first time we stayed at the Playa Naco. The kids were 16 and going on 13 so the youngest got to go for the kids rate as he was still 12 (by 5 days)when the vacation was completed. We had requested rooms together but when we arrived the had put us on different floors and we had to wait 2 days to get moved, I wasn’t impressed. They gave us two rooms beside each other and the youngest ended up spending all his time in our room anyway.