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We want to go back to the Dominican next winter and we’re trying to decide between La Romana and Punta Cana. I’ve read many wonderful reviews for the Iberostar Hacienda and Sunscape Casa Del Mar in La Romana, however at the Travel Show I was told that La Romana tends to attract older people, i.e. not families with teenagers. Our daughter is 16 and our son is 19. They enjoy going to the disco and taking part in the beach volleyball, pool games etc. The disco is really important to them. Could anyone comment on whether the night life is lively at the La Romana resorts or would we be better to return to Punta Cana. Our kids don’t go off the resort so they would not be going to discos off the resort. (In Punta Cana we are considering the Iberostar Bavaro or the Bahia Principe.)


Casa del Mar has all the beach volleyball and beach Olympics and contests that all the other resorts have and there is always a bunch of teens partaking. It is a great well-rounded resort for accommodating families, older more relaxed sorts and couples. But it’s also fun for the outgoing and active. You can expect that teens won’t be the masses, but they are always there and having a GREAT time! The first time I traveled to CDM was for my friends’ wedding and we had a couple of teens in our group. They had a wonderful time and have talked about it ever since as the best vacation ever. The hot and fun animacion team will ensure that they have fun, and are among the best at any resort on the island.

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Joan I too would recommend Casa Del Mar. I love the way their anamation team gets teens involved in fun activities and they also have a special party for teens too. They don’t let them be a forgotten group, I don’t think you will be disappointed at all.

You can check out my links below my posts here for photoshows and shot of CDM and my blog with lots of info on the resort too.

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We are looking for a different resort destination for this summer (in the Dominican of course), so I checked out your links baltobabae, and I will consider Cas Del Mar…looks very good, and we will be travelling with our children as well.




Since Kaki and Baltobabe have covered the activities aspect, I’ll add-on with the nightlife aspect.
As most AIs do, CDM has “shows” in the theater everynight. They include comedy sketches, guest contests, singing, dancing, etc, They usually VERY entertaining … for all ages, and the best that I’ve seen at any resort. These shows run from 9:00ish - 10:30/11:00ish. After the shows are over the rowdy crowds do tend to got to the disco … complete with American, yet some, international music, strobe lights, dancing, and a full bar. When I was there in June (a time of low occupancy) the disco was sparsely filled … but everyone was still having a good time (oh, and a few of the animation team members go to the disco as well … to get the crowd going). Obviously, depending on the occupancy of the resort and the liveliness of the guests on any given day the disco could be “happenin” or not.


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