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Telus "Mike" phones

Does any one know if my Mike feature will work from the DR to Canada?

not sure about the “Mike” feature but they have coverage in the DR according to this website


The Mike phones only work off Telus towers or supporting towers in the US. It will not work in the DR. Also the regular phone side will not work because both mike and phone side run thru the mike system

correct…my mike and telus phone did not work in punta cana!

heck WUD,
what’s all that about my phone here??
my phone is working here all over and also to call Canada and the US, evern for cheaper rates than a simple short distance call within the DR.
i assume that mentioned My Mike Phone has nothing to do with My phone just because i am Mike??
ha ha
happy travel

Mike is a telus brand that allows phone to phone paging anywhere in North America. You should be getting royalties for use of your name…ha ha

On a related note, Rogers’ charges are $4.00/minute for calls to/from Canada or within the DR and $.60 per text message.

Far cheaper to purchase a calling card when you get there.