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Temptation in Cabo?

Does anyone know anything about the new Temptation in Cabo?

:slight_smile: What would you like to know? :-*

Well where to start—is it a new resort? We have been to Temptation in Cancun, had a great time, will Temptation in Cabo be similar? I am nervous of a brand new resort!!!

:slight_smile: It is the Desire Los Cabos Resort right now but will be changing to Temptations >:( in February, I think. :’(

It’s a beautiful resort with a fabulous staff and great food. :smiley:

If you have been to Temptations Cancun perhaps you know of “Chinos”? He is in Cabo now, getting the resort set up to become Temptations. We are still in touch with the entertainment staff and they are excited about the change-over!

Cabo itself is a great place to visit.

We were at Desire Cabo twice and have posted reviews here. You can check them out.

Anything else you would like to know? :-*