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Text messaging?

I am leaving for a great vacation to Serenis Tropical on the 27th. I need to keep in some contact with my apprentice while I am away and have read various threads as to whether or not text messaging works from DR to Canada. Does anyone have any experience with texting from the DR? Or should I just buy a phone card and call daily? It would be just nice to only contact him if he needs my help rather than a daily call sort of thing. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Only one more sleep…HEHE!!
Thanks, Sean

I am with Rogers and never had any problems sending or receiving text messages while in Puerto Plata. You might want to check with your carrier for rates and coverage - just so there’s no surprises when you get your bill.

Enjoy your vacation!

We are with Telus and had no problem texting from the DR but even if you have an unlimited plan, there is a 15 cent international charge, no big deal unless you are like my children and text non stop :slight_smile: