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Thank you everyone!

It has been a pleasure interacting with all of you members. I will be hitting the beach on the 16th of this month at the Colonial and can hardly wait.
I know that the information that I have gained from this site will be of great assistance to me while I am there.
I will love to offer my assistance to anyone that may want me to find something out for them while I am there.

I have tried to log on daily if not to post, just to read what is going on. I have had many laughs.

Well look forward to my review when I get back.

Thanks everyone…

the one gem I found out on here that I am so anxious to check out La Casa de Piedra. You can bet I will have a green one or two there!!!

Thanks again everyone

Enjoy, we were at the Colonial when it first opened. Amazing holiday. We leave for Elegance on 17th. I’m a little nervous since the reviews are so crazy, one person says 1 star, get me out of here and the other says 5 star, didn’t want to leave. Leaves us folks at home a little stressed to say the least. :slight_smile:

have a great time and have a greenie for me salute!

If you would have a chance to see if the New Moon Palace is fully opened?? Thanks
from another Northern Ontario resident !! It will be nice to get away from all this snow !!

hey northern,
you’re welcome.
posada de piedra is always a good idea, but heck, why greenies???
drink those bronies, named bohemias, and leave my greenies(presis) to me, ha ha
i still did not hear that anything of the moon palace is open, to be like you wrote ‘fully open and operational’ i would count on a huge amount of more months, it looks from the outside still like a huge city under full construction.
have fun