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Thank you from Bette

Thank you to everyone that responded. The truth is I was in a panic and the problem was that a friend of mine was the one going with the passport expiring in May. I was not sure exactly how to post the message and didn’t think the first one posted. I then tried another one that was shorter and just said it was me and I needed info right away…no lengthy explanation. I really appreciated everyone’s help because there is one passport website that states to enter Cuba your passport must not expire within 6 months of your arrival. I was waiting to hear the results today…I haven’t heard yet and I am assuming that everything is OK. She really appreciated all of your advice and very quick responses. Thanks again, Bette

Relax, Bette. It’s all good!

And I hope some responses didn’t scare you away from what is usually a welcoming and friendly forum!!

Glad that you got the information that you needed, Bette. It can certainly be confusing, as various sites give conflicting information … anything from one week to six months!

You haven’t yet heard from your friend yet because she is probably sipping a mohito at the beach! :smiley:

Ahhh don’t even worry about saying thank you! I didn’t respond and expect a thank you… I just want to help in anyway I can…Thats what these boards are all about!

io didnt want a thank you just wanted to know you got the message and it was ok

A lot of information on the internet is, unfortunately, confusing or misleading.

Thanks ampstm, for getting her the right info in such a timely manner.