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Thank-you so very much Spunky

I just want to say a huge Thank-you to Spunky for helping me sort out posting issues. He literally spent hours trying to figure out what the problem was. I trusted him with my password and he solved the problem. Believe me I have major trust issues. Spunky you are the best. I am so grateful.


Sweets, I can say for sure that Zee worked hard on this too and really appreciate your thanks. Have a great Mexico Vacation and tell us how it compares with our favourite Cayo Largo, when you get back.


Sorry Zee I did not mean to forget you.
I don’t think Huatulco is anything like Cayo Largo. To me Cayo Largo is like heaven on earth and the Cuban beaches are hard to beat. This will be a different sort of holiday and perspective.


We are happy that we can help our members and glad to see that you are now without issues. Once you are back show us some photos :slight_smile: I never been in Huatulco and definitely wish to visit!