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Thank you!

I would like to thank the senior members and all the others who help people like me get information on the different resorts and holidays. I have been using this forum for a long time and the info I have received has been very valuable.
Thank you for all the work you do to make other people’s holidays memorable.

That is very nice of you Brendab.

Thanks, Brendab! A forum is only as good as its members - and I have been helped by many wonderful people here over the years. Even after seven years of Cuba travel, I still have questions and it is great to know there is a place to come where people are civil and helpful. Looking forward to your trip report and hearing about your experiences in Cuba! :slight_smile:

I second Brendab’s motion
I learned a lot from this forum, and now get to give a little back every once in a while

you are most welcome :wink:

eeeefarm, Zendudette, eloisegirl and Wossa to name a few that gave me great advice over the years. we thank you all. :-*

After all thanksgiving is in a few weeks; ;D :wink:

Pretty much everyone who gives advice here was at one time in the position of getting it. We all learn from each other, and the older you get the more you realize how much more there is to know. :smiley:

It is great to have a friendly place to come and ask a question.