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The Best Beaches

I was just wondering what the best beaches are in Mexico. I was at the BP Tulum 2 years ago and the beach/water was terrible. I was thinking maybe Cancun would be better. Any info would be great!!

Cheers, :sunglasses:

:slight_smile: What is your description of “best beach”? :-*

I have been on many beaches on both sides of Mexico. To me a beach needs to remind me of a Corona commercial. There is no such thing as one best beach. Just when I think one is great, I remember some other. I do prefer seeing the sun set on the ocean though. It makes the western beaches a nice end to a day.

Apparently Maroma Beach (between Playa del Carmen and Cancun) is high on the ‘beach list’ (whoever made that one up). Long stretch of soft white sand and a very gentle slope into the ocean. The water is very clear. The only thing: there are only 3 resorts on the Maroma beach (I believe).

:slight_smile: I can think of two of the three resorts. What is the third one? :smiley:

I hear the further down the Mayan Coast you go, the “better” the beaches. True or false?

Rene - I think you are on to something there. :wink: :-*

The public beach at Puerto Morelos is very good. I also hear the beach at the Catalonia Royal Tulum is very nice as well.