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The best Island!


Wow, how come no posts on the Antigua board? Maybe someone is afraid to be the first. WE were there 2 years ago and stayed at Sandals. I love the island. I think it is my favorite. The beaches are great, and the people are so friendly! We returned for a week after a stop on one of our cruises, and decided we just had to go back. Sandals was OK, first time to one, and I was actually a bit disappointed. I think I’d check out a differnt resort, but definately want to go back again.



Thank you for starting this thread! I’ve been waiting to read about this place.

We are already looking into our 2006 winter get-away and it looks like Antigua is at the top of our list.

We’ve been to Punta Cana and are heading to the Mayan Riviera this winter.

Next year it’s a toss up between Antigua, Jamaica or Margarita Island. We are into the all-inclusive resorts.

I can’t wait for more people to join this thread to help us make up our minds.

Thanks for (hopefully) starting something. ;D


You will love Antigua. THere isn’t a whole lot extra to do, but for relaxation on the beach, it’s awesome. And the people were so nice. I’d check out St. James Club, or Pineapple Beach or Jolly Beach. Like I said, SAndals was OK, very “romantic” if that is what you are looking for. And great food. There is a great newsgroup board for Antigua at http://f27.parsimony.net/forum67635/ .

I’ve been to Jamaica and that was a good time, too. All Inclusives are our thing, too. Some people say the service and food aren’t as good, but we have never been dissappointed yet. We are heading to Cozumel this Dec, and possibly a night stop in Cancun.

Have a great time at the Mayan Riviera. I’ve been very curious about Maragarita Island, but haven’t made it there, YET.



My best friend and her husband were in Antigua last year. I think they were at the Galley Bay resort. They had their own hut with a walk-out onto the beach. She said it was just wonderful!



My Husband and I are going back to Antigua in June after our Honeymoon there in April of 1999 and again in 2001. We stayed at Sandals both times and just love it. Beach is just beautiful and restaurants are really good considering you are not in the US. We are going back in June with friends and staying at the St. James Club, hope its as good as Sandals!


my wife and I were in Antigua 2 yrs ago. We stayed at the Pinapple and loved everything about it. I would suggest you keep this place in mind. The rooms are built into the side of the hills overlooking the beach and water. The Food, service, beach, rooms were great and above all they have a outdoor grill on top of a bluff overlooking the ocean that is wonderful. A nice elderly lady (Mary) grills ribs and chicken and they have Ice cold Wadali (sp?) beer. You can sign a board and hang/nail it up on the makeshift shelter for others too read. If you take the Catermeran trip around the Island, ask for the lobster tail for an extra $10 U.S., it’s more than worth it. We’ve been to Margarita Island. Wasn’t overly impressed. Had fun but would not go back. We would go back to Antigua.
ps: I seen your pictures from the Iberostar. We’re heading down to the Bahia in 10 Days!!! Do you have any advice on tours or things that are a must?


:)Hi just wandering how this island compares in price and beaches to Playa Del Carmen , Boca Chica Dominican, San Andres Island, and Holguin cuba, thanx for your help we too are also planning on goin else where nxt yr have been going to cuba lots and time for a change i think,Jamaica was also on are list along wth going back to SanAndres Island which we loved! :-/


I can’t speak to most of the places you have mentioned, but I can tell you that there is no comparision to Holguin. Antigua wins hands down. Holguin is nice, the beach okay. But to me the beaches in Antigua were amazing, much bigger than by the Playa Pesquero (where we stayed).
And I found it hotter in Antigua than Varadero. That may just depend on weather patterns I don’t know.
Good luck on your decision


Hi. You can not go wrong with Antigua it is a beautiful island .The weather is guarantied average rain fall 44cm can not get much better than that .I like the people in Barbados , St.Lucia and Jamaica better but found the Antigua people better than the DR and the Bahamas.It is the the one lsland I would go down town shopping by myself no problem.Service was a bit hit and miss but thats ok.We stayed at the Grand Pineapple the beach was the best would go back just for that beach.I would think Sandals would have better service and the Jolly Beach has the golf and is not so pricey I think thats were we will end up next visit .everyone go and enjoy .


My husband & I are considering visiting Antigua in July (we are forced to take vacation that month) and we prefer all inclusive, couples only resorts. However, Sandals seems a bit pricy. :-[

Can anyone recommend a resort that is mostly couples & isn’t too expensive?

I’ve heard the Pineapple resort is good…


Hi. Me again .We had the same situation when we wanted to go to Antigua purferred Sandals but just felt it was to much money.So we choice the Grand Pineapple a very nice resort but not a Sandals the food was not on the same level and the airport pick up was not as organized as a Sandals pick up .I was disappointed I had not payed the extra and gone to Sandals.Know having said all that I really could not afford the higher price so in the end I did the best thing . The Grand Pineapple was a nice resort beautiful beach ,good food not great but good,our room was fine with a lovely view of the ocean,service was hit and miss but the possitive out weighed the negative and Iwould diffenitly go back.Their web site is great and the pictures show the resort in its true likeness.I read the tripadviser reviews for month take them with a grain of salt vacation are what you make them and if your not crazey about the resort just do not go back.I have never had a bad vacation because of a resort.I hope this helps in some way.


We are due to stay at the Pineapple Beach Resort in May so are really looking forward to it. It wasn’t a choice we made but we actually won the holiday in a competition so as you can imagine we were overjoyed and look forward to all the information we can get.


Hi Beaniebaby. You are so lucky to have won a week at the Grand Pineapple .I am sure you will have a wonderfull time . Such a beautiful island you can not go wrong.Any questions I would be glad to help.