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The Best of St. Maarten


Tell us what is the Best of the best in St. Maarten
Would love to hear others experiences on this beautiful island… :smiley:


I suggest a search on the TTOL board for answers to this question. There are much more opinions available there.



Thanks, Candu… Willdu… :smiley:

;D ;D ;D

sorry… couldn’t resist… :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re welcome. Now to just add my opinion.
coldest beer - Heineken in my cooler
best beach bar - SSBB
best beach to spend the day at - Happy
best beach to snorkel - Pinel Island
best place to buy groceries - Grande Marché
best “high dollar” meal - Le Montmartre

best day trip - Anguilla Shoal Bay
best hotel - Mary’s Boon (I’m not just agreeing with Conde Nast)

my favorite way to spend the day - on a beach with a cold Heineken


Good job candu!!! How about BEST SHOPPING IN PHILLIPSBURG ;D :sunglasses: