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The best travel in Haiti

Hello everyone,

I am new here. My name is Natalia.

I have been working for a while in a Haitian Creole Translation company as a project manager, and, infact, I am really interested in this country and would like to visit it.

Couls you, please, provide me with the weblinks where I can actually read about how to organize the best vacation in this country - what cities to visit, what amazing I can see there, at what time of a year it’s better to go, what souvenirs to buy - and so on. I travel from USA, I am thinking of travelling alone. I would really appreciate your advice.


The travel section of any large bookstore should have one or two books dealing with Haiti. Some books combine Haiti with the Dominican Republic, so look under DR as well. Good souvenirs would include local art - very colourful. However, would not recommend travelling alone to Haiti at the present time. Crime, including gang activity and kidnappings, continues to be a major problem. Until the situation is brought under control by the new administration, would advise touring Haiti for the present only via books and the net. One website worth checking out is www.haititourisme.com

Hello Cuban Pete

I have not heard form you in a while. What are the scores in Haiti at the present time. ???

I would like to venture to Haiti again and bring down some humanitarian aid.

I am not interested in being kidnapped or murdered but I really want to return to Haiti.

I think everyone should visit Haiti at least once in their life time.

It certainly makes people appreciate what we have and how we live.

Thanks for keeping me updated. :-*

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

;D Met some folks when I was in Cozumel that were on a cruise that stopped in Haiti, said they really loved it. I didn’t know that cruises were now stopping in Haiti, that is really a big step forward for that country, and nice to hear.

Any way thought I would share that tip bit.


[quote author=deputy343 board=Haiti thread=1155744697 post=1173210871] I didn’t know that cruises were now stopping in Haiti


Hey Deputy

Years ago I was also on a boat cruise that stopped in Haiti. I visited Port-Au-Prince.

Most of the vacationers on the boat opted to stay on the boat and not even venture into Haiti. Those that did only stayed for less than an hour and were back on the boat.

My family and I stayed for the whole day and walked around and took everything in.

The poverty was incredible… I seen things that day that I will never forget and those memories I have will be with me for a lifetime!

One of my goals in life is to be able to go back to Haiti. To see more of Haiti and spend at least a week there this time.

I see there is a group of people trying to get something going in Haiti and encourage travelers to go and see how beautiful Haiti is and not just see the negative side of the Country.

Here is a site you can check out. It sounds pretty promising. http://tourislokal.travel/

Freedom Ryder 8-)…