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The dreaded e-mail

As I was checking e-mails today, the dreaded message came in from my travel agency. Our flight has been changed. I had booked in June in order to get a morning flight and a return in early evening, well, throw it all out the window, my 6:15am flight has been changed to a 3:00pm time, and to make things worse, they have scheduled the return from PC at 12:15PM, therefore, I loose 9 hours of blissfull sunshine, meals and everything that goes with it, I called the TA today to be told that this can happen any time from the supplier and nothing they or I can do about it. What a bummer, I just have to grin and bear. Am I ticked off or what ? I cannot describe the feeling I had when this lousy message came in today, and since we are booked on a A330, I guess, 300 or so people are like me and steaming right about now… I wish there was a way to get back at transat, anyone out there know if a recourse is available ??

that truly sucks big time… but their ass is covered to the hilt in the fine print.

That is why I buy cancellation insurance,

I would cancel and reboot with another carrier.

I would probably do the same but… nothing available at the Palladium until 12 days later than my travel dates, realy sucks…

Navy…when are you going to the Palladium? We leave Jan 22 for 2wks & our flights are still ok (just checked the long-range flight schedule)…mind you, we don’t depart until 8am from YYZ & depart PUJ 2wks later at 2:40pm. We still get our 14 nights & that is what we paid for…

WOW that would bite big time.

I’m still waiting for the shoe to drop. Looking like not many are booking for our trip to Cuba dates. I have checked the plane(transat) via their site and so far only 45 seats pre booked. This time last year when that happened, we ended up having to make a drop in Cayo Coco on the way down which added 3 more hours to our trip. Hope it doesn’t happen to us again this year. Then we had the 1.5 hour drive to hotel so instead of a noon arrival it was 4:30 so not first day on the beach. :frowning:

Hope you can get something better.

we go from the 8th of feb to the 22nd, we normaly spend Valentine’s day in the sun and sand, I called my TA once more yesterday, talked with the person that took the original booking, he said he would look into it with Transat since there is another flight leaving PC for YUL in the evening of the 22nd, he would look into getting us booked on that flight instead of the one leaving around noon !!! keeping fingers crossed…

At long last, got a return phone call from my TA tonight, …yeah… Air Transat agreed to change my return booking from a flight at noon on the 22nd, to a flight at 9:30pm same day, that means, I get all my sun days (14)
Had I been obliged to leave on the noon flight, I would have lost a complete day of sunshine. I guess "All is well that ends well"
We’ll be there in 35 days

Sweet!!! Enjoy your trip :slight_smile:

That’s no good! At least you are going down! I won’t be getting back this year :frowning: