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The humble hero Nelson Mandela and Cuba

Nelson Mandela will be remembered forever.
Many here aren’t be old enough to appreciate that Cuba supplied almost 20,000 soldiers to stop the Apartheid South African Army and lost 2000 soldiers in that war to liberate the people of Nelson Mandela. Fidel called Cuba an African nation; a nation of African slaves.
At that time, the US saw the ANC as Communists and Canada, Israel, GB and many other countries supported the South African Apartheid government because we made money selling them stuff.
Through a great effort, the Cubans defeated the US backed South African Army in the final battle and forced them to accept native Africans as equals.
About that time Canada had enough and jumped in to help Nelson Mandela, pushing GB and the US to relent.
It wasn’t until 2008 before the US removed the ANC from it’s terrorist organization list.
Nelson Mandela visited Canada in 1991 then Cuba as thanks.

Cubans were the real heroes in the anti apartheid wars. Cubans who daily recite the names of the lost in schools throughout the country.
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In canada we know Pierre Trudeau visited and supported some of Cuba’s goals. Joe Clark did double duty work for Nelson Mandela on behalf of PM Brian Mulroney