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The idyllic place?


Just joined & this is my first post. I have a flight to Puerto Plata in January for two weeks but only accomodation in Cabarete (condo) for one week. Don’t want all-inclusive. I imagine there must be idyllic little hotels/condos right on or very close to the beaches between Cabarete & Puerto Plata; maybe Sosua Bay? Have searched many threads, maps, ads with no luck. So I’ve come to the experts… you. As long as it’s clean, kitchen equipped, has a good pool and pleasant surroundings, it would be good. Hopefully, it would have a website to review. Any suggestions?

thanks… coach


Coach, we have traveled along the road from PP to Cabarete many times and there are allot of hotels and resorts. Unfortunately I cannot remember any names, must be an age thing. If you get stuck we have a time share in Sosua with many weeks left on it. Send me a PM if you need to look into this.

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hi coach

i have a friend in sosua who lets condos,appts etc.
if you would like to pm me i can give you more details.
just beware that january is peak season and lots of places will be full.

cheers glenn.