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The latest from Conner Gorry. Now up to Oct 13, 2019

Great writing, as usual from Conner.

Latest from Conner on Irma:

Remember that Conner is also a real person besides an internet poster. And Cuba Libro is a real place at 24 & 19 in Vedado. Actually a short pleasant walk from Cemeterio Colon is you happen to visit there. Conner is frequently hanging around Cuba Libro even though she does have a real job as Senior Editor for MEDDIC Review.

If you enjoy her writing, try a conversation across table to get the real deal. And Cuba Libro is always worth a visit no matter is she is there or not.

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And the latest today:
Cuba Travel from US – Legal and with RESPECT

And from today:

From 21 December, 2017.
Conner, I know how hard it is to quit smoking.

I went to Cuba Libro between Christmas and New Years as I always do when in Havana. Connor was there but running around like a mad woman as usual. She always tries to greet and briefly chat with new visitors while simultaneously be in a meeting there. And one must remember that she has a significant full time job besides Cuba Libro and her blog postings.

Bring any contributions to Cuba Libro as Connor is upfront in telling you things they really can use at Cuba Libro and appreciate as well as those “we will find somebody in the neighborhood that can use this”, Things she specifically mentioned are always in need include:

  • Good cocoa power to make exotic coffee drinks for staff and visitors
  • Exotic condoms (flavored, ribbed, Magnum, women’s) as they have a give away basket and have to limit how many people take. Remember, the government dispenses plain condoms so they need exotics.
  • Cheap reading glasses. So many visitors, especially Cubans, need reading glasses but canot get them. Remember that 5 pairs of dollar store glasses are almost 5X as good as one $5 pair.
  • small household medical supplies like tubes of antibiotic ointment, Acetaminophen, band aids, simple gauze bandages, and things like that. Connor says many in the neighborhood need such.

But no matter what, just go to Cuba Libro, hang out, read a bit, and soak up the culture.

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Thanks again, Bob.
I think lots of us are fans and potential supporters of Conner Gorry and Cuba Libro.

5 January 2018:

I noted the line:
“Yes! We should have made a Mini Me/Marco to go with Trump and burned them together,”

23 January, 2018

As I continue to suggest, don’t be just an internet cute name, be a real person dealing with real people. Go to Cuba Libro and visit with everyone there on a face to face basis. I suspect Connor would agree with my analogy of it being like the difference between watching internet porn and having a real sexual experience.

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February 14, Lil Edie:

They shoot 12 year olds?

I thought I would add this one that can’t seem to be kept on TA.

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Motorcycle camping and taking your dog with you.

Conner’s new book is out. Available on line and here too:

Cuba Libro is not closing: How poor journalism hurts

Is the “Special Period” about to happen again?

For those interested, here is some info about Helms-Burton:

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Cuba Libro .

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