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The latest from Conner Gorry. Now up to Oct 13, 2019

As I continue to suggest, don’t be just an internet cute name, be a real person dealing with real people. Go to Cuba Libro and visit with everyone there on a face to face basis. I suspect Connor would agree with my analogy of it being like the difference between watching internet porn and having a real sexual experience.

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February 14, Lil Edie:

They shoot 12 year olds?

I thought I would add this one that can’t seem to be kept on TA.

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Motorcycle camping and taking your dog with you.

Conner’s new book is out. Available on line and here too:

Cuba Libro is not closing: How poor journalism hurts

Is the “Special Period” about to happen again?

For those interested, here is some info about Helms-Burton:

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Cuba Libro .

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