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The latest on gran bahia el portillo


I just got off the phone with my TA who had a good conversation with the Sunquest rep.

She acknowledged that there have been problems at this resort due to ongoing construction. Christmas week was much worse but it is still not finished! The sauna and jacuzzi are still not ready but the target date for completion is the end of January. The kids club has limited facilities at present (whatever that means).

Sunquest is offering alternate choices to those travellers with a January departure date. For those of us leaving in February we will have to wait another week to see if alternate choices are offered.

I told my TA that I would call him again on Jan 23rd for an update. We leave on February 6th.

I am still hoping that the El Portillo will be ready for February. I was one of the first Canadian tourists to go to Samana with Sunflight back in 1983. I am very anxious to see how things have changed. It was paradise then and I hope that hasn’t changed.

I will post an update from my TA next week.

The best advice however comes from those who have recently returned and I look forward to hearing from them.


Why don’t you take the Air Transat offer to cancel the reservation and switch to another resort or to another destination? I think this resort is still not really ready to take in reservations.


We were told by our TA who spoke with an AirTransat rep that everything was completed as of a couple days ago with the exception of the shopping area. I’d love to hear from somebody who has recently returned from the resort and can give us confirmation as to what is actually done and what isn’t!


hola batesy
check out this website under the author “katt_can” topic "Hello from El Portillo - it’s all in the attitude"
She is at El Portillo now, doing daily updates http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g259440-i2457-Las_Terrenas_Dominican_Republic.html
Hope this helps


That helped TONS…much thanks…it definitely up’d our morale, and took away any hesitations about our upcoming trip!


It helped us so I thought I would pass it on…enjoy! I know I’m going to…


It is great to hear that the resort is getting everything done and people are now enjoying there stays. That is afteralll what a holiday is all about - fun and stress free times.


Looks like everything is good at El Portillo according to kat-can on the Trip advisor site. She is there right now.

We have no plans to change now + Sunquest is not giving that option to Feb departures.