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The problem with Facebook


Okay, so I’ve gotten a few messages asking what the heck my problem is with Facebook and why I’m so anal about it. Since this is the off topic section of the forum, here’s my answer.

Personally, I do have a Facebook account. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues who are scattered around the world. Skpe is great too!

Social networking has become a way of life for many people BUT it’s also very addictive for some, even more so for those with Smart or IPhones which are turned on 24/7. These gadgets are considered to be the umbilical cord and life line these days- must have and will die without it.

I’m also an employer and one thing I will not tolerate is employees spending way too much of their time on Facebook when they should be doing the job I’m paying them to do. In the past few months, I’ve had to let two employees go because instead of following the lab sequence they were assigned to, they didn’t pay attention because they were hung up with Facebook on their IPhone. I can’t afford to re-run expensive lab work, or worry that the results may be skewed! I’m sure I’m not the only employer who sees Facebook as the bane of employee productivity!

Sure hope none of you are guilty of using social networking on the boss’ dime.


Declare a PDA-Free Zone and block Facebook on your shop PC’s. That’s what breaks are for.


Guess I am “old school”, but I think when you are being paid to work, you should work! Once upon a time the only real problem employers had was people spending time on personal phone calls. Now it is texts, facebook, you name it. I think at work you should park the personal communication devices at the door. In an emergency, a family member should be told to phone the office. Otherwise, communicate on your own time! (this goes for school kids too)


That’s exactly what I did and I put it right into the employee’s contracts which is why letting them go was not an issue. I’ve always felt employers have a responsibility to provide any and all necessary equipment. I even issue cell phones to my staff (on my dime!) and insist that they be turned in when the employee goes on vacation so that the office can’t get in touch with them. Everyone deserves to enjoy their vacation time without interruptions from the boss! Felt that I was being rather generous! Both of my former employees were caught using their personal IPhones. I can’t afford to re-run lab sequences which can cost upward of $1000 a pop because they’re distracted on Facebook!

Not to be hard on the younger generation, but they just don’t get it! For many years, I’ve actually encouraged logging on to Debbie’s forums during break times and provided a dedicated PC for employee “personal” use. Clearly, I too must be “old school”.


A good story to remind new staff, ck.
If old School means trying to keep the doors open and payroll funded, then a no-PDA/Phone work environment should be appreciated by employees.
When Old School results in a 50% staff turnover every year, we negotiate PDA use.


…or you do what I decided to do, which was to forget about the salary burden of employees who only give 50% effort but expect 100% salary. The buck stops with me, so now I just do the work myself. Unfortunately, it means that the plan to “semi-retire” will be put on hold for now. Ah, the joys of self-employment!

I guess I’m just a tad “annoyed” that the Facebook connection to contests run by Debbie’s are for Facebook users only. Just seems unfair, but then that’s my “old school” humble opinion.

I’ll get over it ;D


Hey YVRck, I wish I had you for a boss. All these incentives you give your employees and they still try to take advantage of you. If I worked for a lab, I would totally transfer to White Rock and work at your place.
Hopefully, you would give me a couple weeks holiday in the winter to travel.
Maybe previous experience not required, Hahahaha. :wink:


Me too!


Funny how things change eh?

What was once seen as a pain and a hindrance is now the norm.

Most companies now advertise their “facebook page”, rather than their own websites.

Wonder what things will change in the next 2-3 years?!