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The reef off Punta Cana

We took a catamaran out today from the beach at the Catalonia Bavaro. I am wondering if someone can tell us if that’s a natural reef or sand bar out where the bay appears to meet the open ocean, or if it’s man-made. My husband thinks man-made, because it appears to wrap completely around that eastern end of Bavaro, with no break in it. I am not sure, but I’d love it if someone could provide some info on it. It sure does provide a nice, protected bay for swimming and sailing!

We are also curious as to why this end of PC is so much less well-developed than the more western end. From what I’ve been told, Club Med and the Catalonia are two of the oldest resorts in the area, so why are all the new ones so much further west? We think the bay here is nicer than what we found at the EdenH, and it’s a WHOLE lot less crowded with boats, parasailers, and helicopters.

it is a natural reef.
to the development:
the Club Med is located at the grounds od Punta Cana Resort&Club, the whole strip there on the oceanfront is occupied, could not be developed more than it is.
the Catalonia is located at the south end of the Cabeza de Toro area, to it’s north just around the corner are the resorts Oasis Punta Cana, Oasis Bavaro, Dreams Palm Beach and Natura Park. then around the next corner starts the main area, the many miles long and fully occupied Bavaro strip with one hotel aside an other.
i hope Cabeza de Toro stays like it is.
happy weekend

[quote=@mikefisher]i hope Cabeza de Toro stays like it is.
happy weekend
That make two of us Mike. Why spoil a beautiful area.