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The reserve at paradisus punta cana


have the chance to book this resort for nov 15-22 at 116.00 per night . reviews are very good to very bad can anybody give me any insight? thanks


Do it.
At that price how could you not.
Reviews are reviews.
I have not stayed at the reserve section of Paradisus PC
but would in a heartbeat.
Especially at that rate.
Any catches or conditions???
Flight included?


I am 2 years late to this convo but I will be staying at the reserves in 3 weeks 7/4-7/9 how was the reserves section?

Also is it worth upgrading to the royal service?


You won’t need it.
I’d upgrade my flight before I’d spend on Royal Service.
Have a good trip.


Thank you Siegs!! I appreciate it, What are your thoughts of the hotel? My wife booked it this time around and I hope everything is fun.

How does it work in terms of reservations for dinner?


The hotel is nice. I’d certainly stay there again.
I was with my 12 year old daughter on that trip
so we enjoyed room service for most dinners.
And it was good and quick every time.
We did go to the restaurant that’s right on the
beach twice. Steaks and seafood. Decent and
no reservations required.
You’ll enjoy it. Very nice hotel.


Thanks Siegs, I just got back and I have to say you were 100% correct. The place was amazing and I will be posting my review in a few minutes.