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Just wondering if anyone has been to this ressort.
thinking of going there at the end of the month, just wondering if there is good snorkeling, and wondering what be out in the country side. Has anyone taken the ferry over to the island?
any info would be appreciated.


Lucky, It’s a gorgeous resort and we absolutely loved it. The beach is simply beautiful however there are a lot of rocks for swimming. We saw only a few people snorkeling and it didn’t look like it was exciting.

It was the best resort we have been to, we usually stay at the Ri u Palace type hotels, but his was way better. We like to walk on the beach not necessarily swim in the water, because we are pool people. But love the rooms here and the fact that you do not have to make reservations for dinner. It is also so central you can just walk out of the hotel and into town. The rooms at this hotel are the best yet and the room service was great. If you go Royal you can go on the website and pick your room out ahead of time which is wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about this place so if you have any questions fire away.

Hi holaddict (love that name btw), were you in a “Royal” room. The Royal section/category didn’t exist when we went. I would like to know to know if it’s worth the extra $.

Not sure how to answer that. This was our first time staying here so have never stayed in the regular js. However I really enjoyed the fact that you could book your exact room prior to arrival on their website. So you avoid all that “can we change rooms” scenerio.