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There up


Excuse the small files, but after hauling around 10,000.00 worth of cameras, and the expence of the trip, we are protecting the original large files. Enjoy, and feel free to leave comments.


Awesome pictures, the colors of the fish, birds and animals are incredible, thanks for sharing!


This is the best Saturday night movie I’ve ever watched. What an incredible adventure you had to a place that few of us will experience in our lifetime. Thank you for sharing…words are inadequate to describe the beauty of the Galapagos Islands…to be so close to nature and the animals not have a fear of humans…how special is that bond. I hope it can stay like that forever.


Great Pics Barracuba… can’t wait to see the other 3552 pixs…


Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


Your photos are tremendous! GAP tours, you said? How beautiful the Galapagos are. I think National Geographic may be calling you soon!


Fantastic pictures!


Thanks for all the kind words folks. Even though GAP Tours is very well organized and local to us, (head office in Toronto) a 16 person group was a little more than what we are used to.

In our experiences on different islands and in different countries, Allegro, Ricardo, Maynor, and all the rest of the folk in Costa Rica still rank #1.

Just my humble opinion. Now back to seeing when we can get back down there, and what we’re going to do.

Oh, by the way, we were snorkelling and taking pics of those White Tip Reef sharks without too much worry from them, they’re vegetarians. (They only eat vegetarians ;D)