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There Was No Quarantine - IMHO!


The two planes from the DR which were temporarily detained in Regina and Ottawa recently were not "Quarantined", IMHO.

Yes, they were delayed while a medical assessment of the ill passengers was carried out, but after that was done there was no quarantine. The procedures which were followed were those of the Health Canada Sick Passenger Protocol and the delays were two hours in one case and three hours in the other. Quarantines are NOT measured in hours.

This post is not meant to minimize in any way the serious illness situation which has been widely reported; but only to set the record straight with what I saw as a misuse of the term "quarantine". This term has been misused from the onset of these two flight delays by the media and then by those commenting on the situations and the use of the particular word IMHO contributes to the perceptions of the incidents.

Some may consider this to be a trivial detail but when you are seeking validity in your reoprts and comments; often the Devil is in the details.

For PHAC’s statement on this issue please see:


and pay particular to their use of and failure to use the word "quarantine".


That’s why I said everybody plus the news media are getting paranoid, they are the ones stating quarantine


Gregg, We just got back from the DR yesterday morning (just outside of Puerto Plata) - flew into Saskatoon airport. We had stuff to do in Saskatoon before we flew home. We ran into some people we knew who asked us if our plane had been quarrantined etc, because of an outbreak of Norwalk virus, etc. We laughed, said “no” and went on our merry way. We had known nothing about any of this. Long story short we got home last night and checked our answering machine, and my husband’s boss had left a message asking him to phone her ASAP. So he phoned her and apparently while we were away his staff had a meeting/group vote and had asked the manager to ask my husband not to come back to work if he was sick - as they don’t want to catch whatever disease he would have. (He works with about 12 people). He got off the phone and told me this, I snapped!! First off - if my husband was vomitting and had explosive diarreha - I doubt he would be going into work anyhow. Secondly - Group mentality is amazing. 12 normally intelligent, men and women - when grouped together and given the opportunity to exchange their 1/2 facts and mis-truths etc - can decide that they should “ban” co-workers from work. Not one of them actually went on the Health Canada website to find out what actually was going on, instead they listened to day’s worth of small town rumors about what was happening (what do doctor’s and health advisory boards know anyhow).

Sorry about this - I am just a little frustrated at the ignorance and lack of common sense on the part of some people.


I was particularly disappointed with an Ottawa Citizen article that stated something like: they ended up having la tourista, which is common while visiting the DR. That’s not a direct quote of course, but in essence, they really should have mentioned that it occurs when visiting Mexico and other Caribbean countries as well, NOT just in the DR…


Indigo - I totally understand where the frustration comes from. Some people are so easy to jump to conclusions without finding out the facts. Hope it did not effect your husbands relationship with his co-workers too much


Indigo494, I personally think you kind of panicked when you snapped.
The message did say: IF he was sick, not to come to work.
As stated on Canada Health site, you can be contageous for up to 2 or 3 days after you are feeling better. So it does seem to me that your husband’s boss and co-workers were in fact very well informed and wanted to make sure that your husband was as well, IF IN FACT HE HAD BEEN SICK.
I personnaly think that this subject is very scary for everyone, both for those who are panicking with fear AND for those who just won’t recognize the danger of the situation.


Great post Gregg.

I firmly stand behind your comments, and agree with
"Some may consider this to be a trivial detail but when you are seeking validity in your reoprts and comments; often the Devil is in the details."
So true.

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