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Thermal mug/cup?

I am going to Cuba in a month and like my past vacations the first thing I pack is my thermal mug (it was provided by a travel agency). I noticed on the “? for the guys” (thought there may be something of interest for my husband) that the men are mentioning how many small glasses of beer they drink, I don’t drink a lot but what I drink stays cold. It saves trips to the bar for sure. You would not believe the number of vacationers who has asked me where I got my mug. Maybe they are not allowed in Cuba??? ???

Thermal mugs are a topic that gets beat to death on this and all other Cuba discussion forums. Believe me, they’re an extremely popular necessity for many travelers. No worries, bring yours to Cuba.

Sheesh, I thought everyone brings a thermal mug and for sure the travel forum members do! It’s the environmentally friendly thing to do. :slight_smile:

We have great debates on this very hot button topic! :wink:

We’ve personally switched over to the double walled stainless steel mugs because they’re easier to keep clean and there’s no flavour transfer. Ours are a modest 16 oz. size.

I need to buy the stainless steel mugs as yes I totally agree the plastic ones do smell after a while.

I think the last 2,000+ hits thread should answer any and all questions about this topic…


Rinse out the plastic Bubba’s and they stay fresh as a … well… Beer

Easy to tell that I am a new member here!!!

Newfielady, You can use Bubba’s as money at the resorts. They will trade big time for the real ones and they know the difference between the cheap ones and the good ones.
52oz Bubba’s are a big hit with the bartenders.

IMO, a stainless steel coffee mug is the best bet for drinks. We use ours, in the mornings, for coffee and the rest of the day for cold drinks. They don’t hold flavours which makes them very versatile. A good rinse and the previous drink is history. I think everyone should take down a mug and stop using the plastic glasses!

I have been to Cuba three times and there is no problem with taking your thermal mug. I always take one plus water and drink bottle.
Many people have started taking the “Big Bubba” this holds a liter or two and is available at Canadian Tire for twenty dollars. ;D

I make sure everyone in my usual gang of four has at least one mug and one water bottle, with the condition that they must give them away at the end of the trip. I stockpile mugs but only buy stainless interior mugs as they do not hold smells the way plastic does. Best bets are to go to Value Village, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Frenchy’s or any 2nd hand store - I usually get them for two or three dollars. In the summer, at garage sales, you can do very well finding mugs, as well as all kinds of other things to take down. You would not believe how many times people just GIVE me the stuff, because it’s going to Cuba. I have found complete sets of carving tools, great handyman tools, art supplies, etc. (Pack anything sharp in your checked luggage).

I’ve also scored great buys at garage sales for my Cuba stockpile in the past. Looking forward to the warmer weather and my Saturday morning hunting expeditions. ;D

We also travel with insulated mugs, and give them away at the end of the trip.

As a side, one thing that I have found extremely useful are the soap infused disposable dish clothes. Palmolive came out with these a few years ago, but they were not a big seller and are now available in the dollar stores. I take one dish cloth and cut it into 8 smaller ones and toss them into a Ziploc snack bag. They weigh next to nothing, but offer enough suds and bubbles to wash our Bubba mugs daily for our two weeks of vacation. What can I say, I love to start the day with a fresh clean Bubba!!

Great tip 2kdsnodoh

I’ll use that tip too.
Bubba’s last a long time at home. Poolside, they get plenty of use and they find new homes each winter. The big ones are great for safe shipping either way. Just pack full with paper towells and your breakables. Brought some (allowed-washed-up) coral home last year and it survived the trip. I’m looking at it now.

Good idea, 2kdsnodoh! I have always brought a little plastic bottle of dish soap for that purpose but your idea is even better. I will make a trip to the dollar store to see if I can find some.

Another great tip…thanks :-*

For all you slushy drinkers, like my wife, don’t forget to pack some fat straws.

Speaking of straws, those curly crazy straws go over very well with small kids. They look almost like a four-leaf clover with the twists and turns.

Sometimes I even throw in a pack of paper cocktail umbrellas to take down, to make my drinks even MORE glamourous! :wink:

Oh by the way Bubba’s are on sale at Canadian Tire for half price.